7 reasons why I still carry cash


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We are quickly becoming a cashless society with credit cards and digital transactions becoming the primary forms of money transfer. Even Starbucks continues to play with the idea of a completely cashless store that only accepts credit cards and mobile apps.

More and more people don’t carry cash anymore. When going out, we take our phone, ID, and credit card. With those, you can pretty much pay for anything. Even then, credit cards are becoming obsolete as phones nowadays can handle most payments.

As people continue their unknowing war on cash, the biggest winners are the four major financial institutions MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and Square. I find myself regularly reminding friends to continue to at least keep some cash on them for the following reasons.

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1. A minimum purchase on cards

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why everyone should keep some extra cash on them. Most stores require a minimum credit card amount usually set at $5 to $10. This is because stores generally pay a 1.6% plus $0.10 fee to process your credit card. The lower the price, the more it cuts into their profit.

If your store doesn’t have a minimum credit card amount, it likely means they’re afraid to scare you away and prefer to absorb those extra costs for the extra convenience of their customers. Alternately, if you don’t have cash, you’ll sometimes be required to buy extra things to surpass their minimum $5 or $10 credit card amount, and that’s not frugal.

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2. Parking

If you’re frugal, you’re likely willing to park miles away to avoid paying for a parking spot. However, there are times that’s not an option. You’ll need to pay for a spot or, worse, a valet. If you’re stuck in a situation where a valet is your best option, it’s always easier to have the cash to hand over quickly.

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3. When in a rush

There have been a couple of times I’m at a restaurant with coworkers and the server is swamped. The server is trying their best, but everyone is attempting to fit lunch in a one-hour period. Rather than waiting for the server to process your credit card and return, it’s easier to lay down the cash and return to the office.

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4. Soda machines

It’s impressive to see the number of soda machines that now accept credit cards. However, it’s not yet universal implemented and many machines still only accept cash. In these moments when you absolutely need caffeine, carrying cash is handy.

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5. Tipping

I tip 20% for everything I do, yet there are many situations, other than restaurants, that tipping is standard and credit card payments may not be an option.

One example was a bike tour I recently attended with friends. We paid the $234 through their online portal weeks in advance but that didn’t include the tip for our host. After a great trip, we tipped our tour guide with $40 because he went above and beyond. No one had a credit card processing machine on hand, and we didn’t want the extra hassle of finding our host on Venmo or PayPal. So we handed over cash, it’s still the easiest way to transfer money in person.

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6. Special discounts

Related to the minimum credit card purchase mentioned earlier, many stores offer special discounts to people who pay with cash. This saves the store from paying a credit card processing fee and eating into their profits. Plus, you save a few dollars when those savings are passed onto you.

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7. When your credit card breaks

I’ve been at the grocery store many times with my credit card or its chip unexpectedly fails. Sometimes the card is dirty;  sometimes the processing machine doesn’t like the angle of the card. Either way, it’s an embarrassing feeling to hold up a line while a tiny machine angrily honks at you. At times like these, having cash is a quick lifesaver and contingency plan to failing technology. It’s bound to happen, so being prepared helps!

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