7 smart tools for creating the perfect Thanksgiving dinner

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Preparing Thanksgiving dinner can be an arduous process. Gadgets like smart ovens and refrigerators can help, but what about small-scale devices? These seven smart tools can help make cooking for Thanksgiving considerably easier.

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1. Meater

It’s not easy to eyeball cooking a turkey, but it easy to use Meater. Meater is a $69 smart meat thermometer that can send temperature notifications right to your smartphone. The device can even tell you how long meat should sit after you pull it out of the oven.


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2. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Dots come with Alexa nicely baked inside, and she’s ready to help with everything from cornbread recipes to reminding you to bring the cranberry sauce. You can also verbally dictate emails to her when your hands are too buttery for typing. These functionalities carry across all versions of the Echo Dot.

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3. Drop kitchen scale

The centerpiece of Thanksgiving is the turkey, but the real showstoppers are the pies. Kitchen scales are as crucial for giving rise to these yummy treats as ovens, which makes the $80 Drop scale handy.

The Drop can display weights and measurements on any iOS or Android device. It can read out weights, guide you through recipes and even alternate between metric and imperial measurements. That’s a handy baking assistant.

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4. Mellow

Mellow is a $399, internet-connected sous vide that works with iOS and Android devices, ships for free and comes with 20 bags. There’s no better or high-tech way to guarantee your mashed potatoes’ creaminess than with one of these beauts.

Image Credit: Mellow.

5. Smart bulbs

Lighting is crucial for reading recipes and keeping track of your kitchen. Smart bulbs can help with this — install them, download an app and adjust your lighting as needed. Senged and Lifx bulbs are particularly useful, especially since they’re compatible with Alexa.

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6. Roomba

A smart vacuum cleaner that whirls underfoot as you’re stirring the turkey gravy may sound like an annoyance, but it’s not. A Roomba is extremely handy when you’re preparing food for multiple guests.

We know that these robots are not on the cheap side, but consider it an early holiday gift to yourself. At the very least, a Roomba means that there’s less vacuuming to do after everyone’s out of your house.

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7. Chirp!

Fresh herbs make a great addition to any Thanksgiving meal. Their smell adds a festive touch to turkey day as well. If you grow your own, you can use a Chirp! device to remind yourself to water the thyme.

Chirp! looks like a combination of a TV remote and a science device, and it puts all of those sensors to use monitoring your plants’ water levels. It may not be essential for getting the sweet potato casserole to the table on time, but a Chirp! is still more than worth its $15 price tag.

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