Hey travelers! Airbnbs are half the price of hotels in these 10 European cities


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Airbnb or bust!

If a European vacation is high on your wish list, but you’ve been waiting to cross it off for fear of not being able to afford your trip, there might be some cheaper alternatives to explore. Financial publication Moneyzine compiled figures to compare the per-night cost of hotels and Airbnbs in some of Europe’s most sought-after cities to reveal the ten cities in the continent that offer Airbnbs for around half the cost of hotel stays.

Kotor Bay,Montenegro

1. Kotor, Montenegro

Average cost of a hotel per night: $123.21

Average cost of an Airbnb per night: $73.96

Kotor harnesses an ancient essence and tourists can explore its Medieval Old Town and the 16th-century fortifications that outline the city.

Chisinau Moldova Ciuflea Monastery Onion Domes

2. Chisinau, Moldova

Average cost of a hotel per night: $68.38

Average cost of an Airbnb per night: $40.86

As the capital city of Moldova, Chisinau features breathtaking Soviet-style architecture and tourists can visit incredible landmarks like the Nativity Cathedral.

Helsinki Uspenski Cathedral and harbour waterfront ferris wheel illuminated Finland

3. Helsinki, Finland

Average cost of a hotel per night: $141.92

Average cost of an Airbnb per night: $82.57

Head to Helsinki and submerse yourself in the architecture and culture while you explore museums, landmarks, and galleries.

Old Town and Fort Lovrijenac aerial view in Dubrovnik

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Average cost of a hotel per night: $188.36

Average cost of an Airbnb per night: $108.59

The fortified town of Dubrovnik offers travelers the chance to feel as if they’ve traveled back in time thanks to the medieval architecture and marble pavings. The city, which presumably dates back to the 7th century, is known as one of the most perfectly preserved medieval cities.

Spanish Cities the sacred Barcelona family

5. Barcelona, Spain

Average cost of a hotel per night: $220.62

Average cost of an Airbnb per night: $123.64

From sandy beaches and a Mediterranean atmosphere to its rich culture and phenomenal cuisine, Barcelona entices travelers from all over the world.

Eiffel Tower Paris River Seine Sunset Twilight France

6. Paris, France

Average cost of a hotel per night: $242.55

Average cost of an Airbnb per night: $131.17

The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Notre Dame Cathedral can all be found in the same destination: Paris. The city exudes a romantic, dreamy aura that draws tons of tourists year-round.

The Cathedral, the TV Tower and the Schlossbruecke in Berlin

7. Berlin, Germany

Average cost of a hotel per night: $236.10

Average cost of an Airbnb per night: $126.44

If you’re a traveler who enjoys exploring street art, international cuisine and museums, add Berlin to your bucket list. The city teems with museums and historical undertones.

Lisbon, Portugal skyline

8. Lisbon, Portugal

Average cost of a hotel per night: $210.30

Average cost of an Airbnb per night: $107.51

Hop on the yellow tram in Lisbon and explore the breathtaking views of the city while taking in its colorful culture.

Skyline of Athenth with Acropolis hill

9. Athens, Greece

Average cost of a hotel per night: $138.05

Average cost of an Airbnb per night: $69.67

As one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Athens holds a spot on plenty of traveler’s “must visit” lists. Walking through the city, you’re sure to feel an unexplainable yet profound mystique, likely brought on by how important the city was in ancient times and how special it remains today.

Blue Mosque of Istanbul, famous place of visit, Turkey
Anton Aleksenko/istockphoto

10. Istanbul, Turkey

Average cost of a hotel per night: $118.69

Average cost of an Airbnb per night: $45.37

If you’re looking for a European getaway that offers cheap accommodations, Istanbul is it. The city’s Airbnbs cost more than 60% less than hotels in the area, too, so you can snag a deal while you visit the only city on earth that straddles two different continents.