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Have a sweet tooth when it comes to cocktails? Or just looking for a new after-dinner drink?


Then you might enjoy this: Southern Living has a delicious-looking Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail recipe, Author Julia Levy says the alcoholic beverage is strong, smooth, and sweet, noting that the chocolate liqueur and milk complement the peanut butter flavor in the whiskey.


If you’re a lover of the peanut butter-chocolate combination, you’re going to have to try this as your dessert cocktail.


But the key ingredient, though isn’t chocolate or peanut butter. It’s salt. That’s because salt amplifies flavors, including the sweet ones. So there’s no need to second-guess its presence in the recipe.


To make the Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail, you need creamy peanut butter, dark chocolate, peanut butter whiskey, chocolate liqueur, whole milk, and sea salt. The whiskey, chocolate liqueur, milk, and salt are shaken together in ice and poured into a glass rimmed with peanut butter and chocolate shavings.


Author Levy advises not skipping the step in which you dip the glass into peanut butter and chocolate before pouring the drink into it. This enhances the drink’s theme while adding both texture and flavor to your experience.


Another yummy-looking cocktail that uses peanut butter whiskey is this Peanut Butter Cup Whiskey Cocktail from Entertaining Diva. It has you drizzling chocolate syrup in a glass before adding shaken whiskey, chocolate liqueur and milk.


Cocktail Contessa has a Reese’s Manhattan for a different spin on the peanut butter and chocolate drink. The recipe mixes peanut butter chocolate whiskey, rye whiskey, amaro, chocolate bitters and water.


Recipe creator Heather Wibbels calls her concoction classy, noting that the drink is designed to “delight the child in you” while exploring the mix of pepperiness from the rye with the sweetness of the whiskey and the bitterness of the amaro.

You should definitely make these part of the plan for your next girls’ night in!

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Playful Christmas cocktails for your next holiday party


The thought of margaritas might bring visions of sunshine and summer weather, but with a few tweaks to the traditional recipe, you can turn the cocktail into a mistletoe margarita instead. This is sure to be a new seasonal favorite.


There are plenty of ways to make a mistletoe margarita. You can vary the type of tequila you use and modify the overall flavor, but you’ll find that many of the recipes call for cranberries or cranberry juice. The seasonal fruit takes center stage in this Mistletoe Margarita recipe from Delish. Along with whole cranberries, you’ll also need cranberry juice, sugar, salt, triple sec and (of course) tequila.


You can choose to keep the recipe pretty basic by just combining the liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker or jazz it up a bit by coating some cranberries in sugar and placing them on top of the drink. While the recipe calls for putting the ingredients in a blender and serving it frozen, you can simply serve it over ice if that gives off too many summer vibes for you.


Maksym Belchenko/istockphoto


Just like there are ways to change up that recipe, there are plenty of other Christmas margarita variations you can make this season if you’d rather try something else.

This version of a Mistletoe Margarita from Kayla’s Kitch and Fix

Mistletoe Margarita

 calls for cranberry and lime juice, but also the addition of pomegranate juice, so it will taste different from the previous recipe. In fact, pomegranate juice appears to be the main flavor-enhancing ingredient, so make sure you like that flavor before making the recipe.

The result will be a dark-colored margarita, similar to the color of red wine or sangria. Once all shaken up and poured in your glass, you can top it with fresh cranberries and perhaps a sprig of mint or rosemary.




If you’re dreaming of snowy weather for the holiday, this White Christmas Cranberry Margarita recipe from 4 Sons ‘R’ Us should get you in the spirit. The winter color of this margarita comes from white cranberry juice, but you’ll add lime juice, triple sec and tequila.


You can garnish the drink with rosemary and fresh cranberries if you wish, or make sugared cranberries and put them on a skewer. Like a traditional margarita, you can also rim your glass with a lime slice and dip it in salt.


Yulka3ice / iStock


If you’ll be serving a crowd, you can even make this White Christmas Margarita Punch from How Sweet Eats, which serves six (or fewer if your guest are serious margarita fans). Along with traditional margarita ingredients like tequila and Grand Marnier, it also calls for coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut water and coconut rum. This makes it white like snow, but with a tropical flair that sounds perfect for daydreaming of the beach on a cold winter day.


You can still include some holiday garnishes, however, like rosemary or fresh cranberries. Or, if you want even more coconut flavoring, you can also add coconut extract. As a side note, since this recipe makes a large batch, it’s best to whisk all the ingredients together in a large bowl instead of shaking them in a cocktail shaker.




Of course, if margaritas and tequila are just not for you, you can also make other holiday-themed cocktails instead, including a few inspired by the weather most associated with the season: snow!


This Snowflake Martini from Cooking with Curls is made with vanilla-flavored vodka, peppermint schnapps, white chocolate liqueur and cream. You can even wet the rim of the glass and add sugar crystals or coconut to make it appear icy or snowy so it lives up to its “snowflake” namesake.


bhofack2 / iStock


If you’re not a vodka fan, you could instead go for this classic Snowball cocktail, which originated in the U.K. in the 1940s. It blends sparkling lemonade with avocaat and a splash of lime. It may sound summery at first, but avocaat is actually a liqueur that combines alcohol (usually brandy), eggs, sugar and vanilla. This makes it similar to most eggnogs and therefore perfect for the holidays.




Of course, Christmas isn’t the same unless it’s full of sweet treats, so you could also add this Sugar Cookie Martini from Crazy for Crust to your cocktail list. Made with vanilla vodka, amaretto and sugar cookie or vanilla-flavored coffee creamer, it’s as easy as it is delicious! Simply combine the three ingredients, then dip the rim in sugar or sprinkles for an extra festive touch.



Betty Crocker


You can’t forget about your Christmas morning cocktail either, so while you’re serving up festive pancakes or seasonal cinnamon rolls, you may want to add this White Christmas Mimosa from Freutcake to the menu as well. All you need is some champagne, white Creme de Cocoa and the ultimate holiday treat: candy canes. You can either choose to put the candy cane right in the drink or crush them and use them to adorn the rim of the glass. Or do both!


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