Bread-flavored soda is a thing & here’s how it tastes

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There’s this cute couple who live in Busan, South Korea, who go by Burger N’ Kimchi. At least, that’s what they call themselves on their YouTube channel, which brings viewers a taste of South Korea and its food. Occasionally, Burger will venture out with his biking buddy, Stroopwafel for wild adventures.

In one of their videos, the duo are taking a ride through some beautiful countryside. They stop at what seems to be a convenience store and they buy bread-flavored soda. Or is it milk toast flavored soda? Either way, I was intrigued.

So, there I was getting all emotionally involved thinking to myself, they are going to taste this carbonated bread flavored delight and explain it to me so that I might live vicariously through them. And in their video, it seems like that is about to happen. They pop it open and take a drink and just when I’m scooching up to the edge of my seat…


It ends! It ends without a single comment and I don’t know what bread flavored soda tastes like. But I’m a professional and I shake off the disappointment and hit the internet to find the answers I wanted.

Fortunately, they made a second video because “60 seconds wasn’t enough” to enlighten us about the flavor. Right. Sure. You just wanted us all to watch a second video, didn’t you! Didn’t you! But I digress…

So, how does it taste? Well, I’ll leave it to Hamburger and Stroopwafel to tell you in their own words. But hey! I’m sparing you the disappointment of watching the first video!