Stop everything and watch Christopher Walken reading ‘The Three Little Pigs’


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Christopher Walken had a dream.

He dreamed of entertaining children of the world on national television by reading the classic fairy tale, “The Three Little Pigs.” Seeing their little faces light up in understanding of the story’s complex layering. Seeing them shiver during the scary parts, squirm during the unsettling parts (and let’s be honest, with Walken telling the story most of the parts are unsettling) but mostly hearing the pure ringing peels of children’s laughter.

This was his dream.

OK, not really. I made that up. But Walken did read the story on the UK chat show “Saturday Zoo” hosted by Johnathan Ross, back in 1993.

Sporting a dangerously colorful “dad sweater” that would make even the most dad-like among all dads shiver in horror, 50-year-old Walken, elegantly seated in a peacock chair, opens with a menacing “‘Hello children. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.”

You know the story. But the re-telling of the same, imbued with Walken’s quirky sense of humor and one-of-a kind pizazz, makes for video gold.

“Exit, pig one. Pig two, same story,” he says at one point, before concluding with: “Wolfy burns and piggy lives. Happily ever after.”

Why do we keep going on these surreal rides with Walken?

Because he is fun. Whether he is demanding more cowbell, murdering good guys, or just wearing the hideous sweater. He is the harbinger of individuality, quirkiness and just all-around hysterical fun.

This is the essence of why we love Walken so much. He makes the mundane surreal.

He makes little pigs say, “Baddaboom,” and we could not be more entertained.

If you haven’t seen it (or if it’s been a while) you should really check it out here: