Feral hogs in Italy sniff out & destroy $22K worth of cocaine


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Italy has a problem. Over the past seven years, gangs of wild hogs have become an increasing nuisance in the country, with the population of the animals reaching an alarming 2 million, effectively doubling since 2015.

Anyone who lives in a pig-heavy area knows the danger these animals pose to humans and property alike. And even though one might assume the Italian wild hogs would ride Vespas, munch on some pizza, and greet lovely “ragazzas” with a cheery “Ciao,” they are big bullies just like their American cousins.

For years wild hogs have been destroying the crops of Italian farmers and killing their livestock. They are also responsible for over 10,000 car wrecks a year.

The wild hogs have become so problematic that Italian farmers swarmed Rome demanding the government take action to curtail the wild hog population.

And now they’ve made news for indulging their vices — sniffing out cocaine.

A pack of feral hogs in a forest in eastern Tuscany sniffed out, dug up and destroyed a stash of cocaine buried by some would-be traffickers that was valued at $22,000.

Well, you know what they say, “Every hog has his day….”

So now, not only will they kill and maim you, now they won’t shut up about how great Scarface was and they scream, “Say hello to my little friend!” while attacking.

Check out the video clip explaining all the details: