Elvis Presley once flew to Denver for this 8,000 calorie sandwich


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Was Elvis Presley even human? He was impossibly talented, almost fatally handsome, and boy, could he dance. Yet, Elvis had another talent that seemed to be his true passion.

“The King” was untouchably epic about his food.

In fact, Elvis was so passionate about his favorite foods that he would go to great lengths and make strenuous efforts to obtain them. This is the story of one such food and how it became the King of PB&J’s.

It all started on one very late night in February, 1976. Elvis was at Graceland, his Memphis, Tennessee estate, playing host to a couple of friends. As they talked late into the night, the topic of food came up, which led to a discussion of Colorado’s number one sandwich: The Fool’s Gold Loaf from the Colorado Mine Company in Denver.

The massive sandwich is made with an entire loaf of french bread sliced lengthwise, layered with a whole jar of smooth peanut butter, an entire jar of grape jelly, and topped with over a pound of, you guessed it, bacon.

Is it any wonder Elvis loved this sandwich?

Nope. It sounds right up his delicious, not nutritious, wacky foods alley.

So, as the conversation over the sandwich continued, Elvis felt a craving sneaking up on him, and when it pounced, you know what had to happen.

Elvis called his team to prepare the Lisa Marie — his favorite private jet — and at 11:30 p.m., the group boarded and flew westward, arriving in Denver at about 1:30 a.m.

When the late-night travelers arrived, the owners of Colorado Mine Company were waiting with 22 Fool’s Gold Sandwiches.

And thus, the 8,000-calorie food bomb was assured its place in Elvis’s Weird Food Temple.

I know, I know. You are craving a Fool’s Gold Loaf now. Here’s a great video that shows how to make one: