Every single one of these songs is a cover, and it’s mind blowing


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Music defines generations, it’s a distinct call to the time and place it was created and speaks to that time uniquely. We can hear a song and remember exactly where we were and who we were the first time we heard it. But, what if all the generation defying music we love had already secretly defined another generation?

Well, that could never happen! I trust music, it would never lie to and mislead me…

Would it?

It would, and it has.

In this video from Isiajno, and posted to the YouTube channel of the same name, we see just how sneaky songs and music can be, because these 80 songs? That we all sing along to and know every facet of inside and out are actually covers.

Well, this changes everything!

Now maybe some of them you’ll hear and say “yes, yes, I knew that was a cover.” But I am almost certain that’s not the case for ALL of them.

So, pour yourself a tasty beverage, and settle in to have a listen to these 80 songs that are covers (and their originals) and be surprised by all the musical truth right here: