Hate microwave bacon? That’s because you’re doing it wrong

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When microwaves were invented, they were meant to revolutionize the way we cook (and they did totally change the reheating game). Soon after, the market was flooded with microwave cookbooks. Apparently the microwave was conceptualized to replace the oven in modern kitchens as the cookbooks contained recipes on everything from meatloaf to a full Thanksgiving dinner, including sides and a whole Turkey cooked entirely in the microwave. We envision that process going down something like this.

Anyway, if you ever tried any of these recipes, you will undoubtably remember their deliciousness, or more closely, their entire lack of flavor and the rubbery chewiness one usually only sees in tires.

Most disappointing? Bacon.

Of course we WANT crispy bacon microwave fast. Heck, we’ve made all kinds of special devices such as the Presto – Power Crisp which features a central tower with arms for draping bacon over, and the Mugooler Microwave Easy Bacon Maker, which honestly just looks like a fancy plate with a lid. But there’s never really been an over-the-moon successful method.

It turns out you don’t need fancy-fangled devices. You just need a microwave, a plate, some bacon and a whole mess of paper towels.

According to the folks at Delish, you simply place a bottom layer of paper towel on the plate, lay out six pieces of bacon ensuring they do not touch (This is stressed several times. I’m not sure what happens if they touch but I guess it’s something accustomed to crossing your streams as a Ghostbuster and we KNOW you shouldn’t do that.) Then you just layer more paper towels on top, pop in the microwave for 4-6 and BANG! Crispy microwave bacon.

I just solved mornings for you. You are welcome.

Get the in depth recipe and instructions in the video on Delish.