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America’s love affair with cannabis is no secret: The latest Gallup poll reveals that 70% of Americans think marijuana should be legal. But where exactly are people reaping the benefits of this pro-cannabis mindset?

Real Estate Witch, an online real estate platform, joined forces with Leafly, a leading cannabis information and resource site, to identify the top spots for cannabis enthusiasts across the country. To determine the rankings, they considered several factors, such as the legality of cannabis, the number of dispensaries and cannabis-prescribing doctors per 100,000 residents, the average rating of dispensaries, the affordability of high-quality weed, the density of fast food restaurants per 100,000 residents, and the availability of local hiking trails.

Here are the top 10 most cannabis-friendly cities in America.

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10. Providence, Rhode Island

While it might be a challenge to find Providence on a map, this Rhode Island gem is proof that legal cannabis is breathing new life into the East Coast. The city offers twice as many head shops per capita compared to Seattle, as well as a welcoming community of cannabis enthusiasts eager to connect and share their love for the plant.

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9. Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City has been quietly growing its status as a burgeoning spot for cannabis enthusiasts since Missouri’s seamless and drama-free legalization rollout in 2023. With a growing number of dispensaries and a community eager to embrace the benefits of legal cannabis, the city is making (hazy) waves in the Midwest. 

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8. Sacramento, California

Earning the title of the “cannabis capital of California” for the third consecutive year, Sacramento outshone its fellow cities like San Francisco and San Jose, mainly due to its competitive weed prices. Offering some of the most affordable cannabis in the state, Sacramento boasts top-quality products priced at $212 per ounce, a steal compared to the national average of $318. 

The city also hosts many cannabis-centric events throughout the year, including the Sacramento Cannabis Cup, which celebrates the best of local cannabis culture and features live music, seminars, and exhibitions for like-minded green lovers. David Downs, senior content manager at Leafly, believes that Sacramento’s cannabis scene is leading the charge for the future of weed. “Sacramento pot is the sleeper hit of the state. If you want a picture of the future, it’s happening in Sacramento first,” Downs told the Sacramento Bee.

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7. Seattle, Washington

Seattle has long been at the forefront of the cannabis movement, and since Washington state legalized recreational marijuana in 2012, it has grown into a top spot for cannabis culture. The city’s packed with over 50 dispensaries, ranging from chill budget spots to swanky boutique joints where the staff know their buds inside out. Weed culture is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of everyday life in Seattle, and chock full of cannabis-friendly yoga classes, cool bud and breakfast spots, and more. It’s also home to Hempfest, one of the biggest pro-weed rallies on the planet.

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6. Phoenix, Arizona

Since Arizona legalized recreational marijuana in 2020, Phoenix has blossomed into a major hub for cannabis culture, proving that a big desert city can truly thrive as a cannabis capital. With extensive, large-scale, indoor cultivation facilities, Phoenix has successfully driven down the prices of cannabis, making it more accessible to a broader audience. 

Phoenix has also become a significant center for the cannabis community, hosting a wide array of events that cater to every aspect of cannabis culture. Among the highlights are the Errl Cup, an annual public event where attendees can sample and vote on various cannabis products; and the Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo, which brings together industry professionals to discuss innovations and developments.

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5. Baltimore, Maryland

Maryland’s cannabis scene is thriving, especially since the state launched recreational sales in 2023. With a smooth transition from medical to recreational use, Maryland has set itself apart as a leader in the cannabis industry. Dispensaries across the state, once solely medical, now offer a wide range of products for recreational users with potent supplies and a variety of options. The state also has more cannabis-prescribing doctors than any other city, with nearly 14 per 100,000 residents.  

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4. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York, is emerging as a cannabis-friendly destination following New York State’s legalization of recreational marijuana in 2021. With 2.5 cannabis retailers per 100,000 residents, Buffalo has more access to dispensaries than New York City, which has just 1 per 100,000. Although the number of dispensaries might seem modest, those in Buffalo stand out for their quality, boasting an impressive average rating of 4.24 out of 5 on Leafly — significantly higher than the average city rating of 3.59 and New York City’s 3.40.

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3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is truly a jackpot for cannabis enthusiasts, with 3.1 marijuana retailers per 100,000 residents — 29% higher than the average city’s 2.4. But Sin City goes beyond dispensaries and also leads the pack with the most head shops at 3.1 per 100,000 residents, tripling the average city’s count of 0.9. It seems like the self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the world is trying to make the case for itself as the weed capital of the world as well. 

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2. Portland, Oregon

Portland has always been a go-to destination for those who love a bit of quirkiness. So it’s no wonder that, since Oregon legalized recreational cannabis in 2014, Stumptown quickly rose to the top of every canna tourist’s bucket list. 

The cannabis scene goes beyond just the product itself here, because Portland likes to do things differently. From trendy stoner boutiques to chill party buses and cozy, cannabis-friendly spots to stay in, Portland offers different ways to explore cannabis culture. Whether you’re checking out the chic dispensaries along the “Green Mile” or unwinding at a cannabis-friendly spa, there’s something for every type of traveler.

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1. Denver, Colorado

Denver lives up to its name as the Mile High City, nailing the top spot in the stoner city rankings for 2024. With Colorado legalizing marijuana in 2012, Denver has truly thrived, transforming into one of the cannabis tourism hot spots as the host of the annual Mile High 420 Fest

In Denver, you’ll find nearly four times as many cannabis shops per capita as in Los Angeles, giving you plenty of options for quality products at reasonable prices. The city has about 10.4 dispensaries per 100,000 residents. America’s top weed city is also one of the most budget-friendly places for buying cannabis, with the average price for an ounce of top-quality weed at around $242 (and it’s even dropped a bit over the past year!).

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