Here’s why dementia is on Samuel L. Jackson’s mind

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Samuel L Jackson is thinking about dementia. Really thinking about it.

Jackson has long been known for the diversity of the characters he plays. Whether he’s too cool Nick Fury in the Marvel movies or just awful and twisted, like his unforgettably loathsome  Stephen in Django Unchained, there can be no denying that Jackson puts his heart into his acting and his newest role is especially personal.

In the new Apple+ series The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Jackson has taken on the weighty challenge of playing the 93 year old titular character. A man at the end of his days. A man suffering from dementia.

It has brought up all the feelings for Jackson and he opens up about it in the interview below with iNews.

It turns out that two of Jackson’s most beloved people in life had Alzheimer’s — his mother and his grandfather. And while a lot of us are in the same situation, many of us try not to think about it. That’s what makes this interview so special. Jackson is thinking about it.He’s facing his fears in one of the most raw ways possible. He’s climbing inside them. Looking them in the eye.

And that bravery is inspiring. Empowering.

So, thank you, Mr. Jackson for pulling some of that darkness out into the light, reminding us that we are never actually alone, and for showing us that we were exactly right when we saw the hero in you.

Read the full interview here.

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