Here’s why Elton John & Madonna have been feuding for 20 years


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Ah, when egos collide. Great huge giant egos, like Titanic-scale egos. And just like the Titanic, the smallest of human errors can trigger total destruction. It can be nasty, but oh, we cannot look away.

And Titanic-sized egos are definitely what we have here. Like, Grand Canyon, Great Pyramid of Giza size egos. But, curiously enough, egos that possess all the strength and durability of dried leaves.

Madonna, I feel we can safely say, has a pretty healthy ego. And by healthy, I mean large, well-fed. Most likely unhealthy in every other way, especially for those who draw her ire. 

And Elton John? He can be, shall we say, prickly.

So, when those two egos collided, well, while not quite a supernova, there was still a considerable bang.

And it all started with lip synching. Weird. 

According to this YouTube video posted by VIX, it went down like this: Elton John jabbed Madonna for lip synching in concert (which she totally does), and he did it over and over in very public ways. 

And then he got personal. He claimed that Madge herself is a nightmare and proclaiming her career over (Don’t ask him to read your tea leaves. He’s not accurate). But it went totally off the rails in 2012 when The Material Girl did the unthinkable: She insulted Lady Gaga. 

Gasp! Horror!

She accused Gaga of copying her hit “Express Yourself” with Gaga’s own “Born This Way.” And one thing is obvious: Elton John loves him some Lady Gaga. She’s godmother to one of his children. You know, that kind of love. 

And while Mads and Gaga have since worked together, assuring us they are cool as can be, Sir Elton apparently does not forgive so easily. 

Who’d have thought it? 

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