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Last year, we all learned how to pivot in ways we never expected. Not only did we learn how to Zoom and work from home, but many couples also had to decide whether to host their wedding as planned, postpone to a new date, cancel their fete, or re-plan their soiree with fewer guests. 

Thanks to the number of brides and grooms who did opt to move ahead with a smaller, sized down wedding day, micro weddings are continuing to trend! And we have to admit, we’re thrilled.

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Before we get too far ahead, let’s define micro weddings:

micro wedding is a celebration where the guest list does not exceed 50 guests. That means your immediate family members, possibly a few extended family members, and your closest friends will be included on your guest list.

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Benefits of a micro wedding

Micro weddings also have plenty of benefits. Here are a few of the ones that come to mind first:

  1. Your wedding will have an intimate feel, thanks to your smaller guest list.
  2. You can look into smaller venue spaces. Places to consider: backyards, bed and breakfasts, and restaurants (bonus points if there’s a garden space!).
  3. You can really think through your details and embrace DIY if that sounds ideal. You’ll be making fewer items, so you can really give each one your all and your time!
  4. If a celebration with a smaller guest count sounds completely like your kind of celebration, keep reading as we share six ways to make sure your micro wedding is a blast and completely beautiful!

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Welcome bags

The key to hosting a smaller wedding, especially one during COVID-19, is to make your guests feel welcomed to your celebration. Consider packing a welcome bag that can greet each guest (or couple or family) when they check into their hotel. Add local foods or treats, water, a list of locations you love to explore that your guests should consider visiting, and a timeline of the weekend’s events.  

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Safety first

The pandemic is still with us, so keep your guests’ safety in mind. Tuck extra masks and hand sanitizer into welcome bags and have both out on display at your wedding. Consider celebrating outside as much as possible. And, if you’re planning to invite everyone to eat together, think about seating friends and family into pods comprised of those each guest, couple, or family has quarantined with most.  

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Wine and dine

One of the things guests remember about weddings they have attended is what they ate and drank! Although your wedding may be smaller, consider continuing to work with a caterer or restaurant on your menu so everything tastes delicious. 

If your venue is open to BYOB, you can order wine in bulk from a local retailer or even online via sites like Total Wine. Take it a step further and order custom wine labels and give each of your guests a bottle of wine as a gift and thank them for celebrating with you!

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Add fun

Other than enjoying excellent foods and drinks, guests are eager to have fun at weddings, especially after the year we have all experienced! A smaller guest count still means you can dance on the dance floor together (socially distanced, of course). 

Plus, you can also add games! Oversized backyard games or bean bag toss boards are always a hit, especially when it’s warm outside. Have you ever considered incorporating board games? They’re just as great for bonding, especially during rehearsal dinners or after-parties that are more laidback.  

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The little things

We like to think that smaller events can be extra thoughtful since you’re not managing so many people. But just because you’re hosting fewer people, that doesn’t mean you should skip the details! In fact, we love to see just the opposite. 

A smaller wedding allows you to plan something extra meaningful and personalized. Add a personalized note to your guests’ welcome bags or jot down why you’re thrilled they can attend your wedding day for them to read at their seat at your reception. Create beautiful centerpieces, add a cake topper to a smaller cake, frame photos from your relationship and put them on display, and don’t forget to add a guest book!

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Statement pieces

Since you’ll be hosting fewer guests, you can really play up the “wow” factor where it counts. Create an epic altar to exchange your vows with your new spouse, or make your centerpieces extra luxe since you’ll need fewer of them.

You could even splurge on fancy linens since you won’t need as many as a large, traditional wedding. Do what makes you happy to add some major impact with statement pieces like a stylish altar backdrop.

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