Is this America’s scariest motel?


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If you’ve ever wanted to never sleep again, have we got the place for you! The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada, is open for visitors looking for a thrill (Or for people who just really like clowns? Do they exist?).

If the sight of an illuminated juggling clown welcoming you to the hotel promising “clean rooms” (not much of an endorsement) and “singles for 39.50” fills you with cheer, then come on down to the Clown Motel.

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A creepy lobby (and gift shop!)

The lobby is littered with clowns, including a life-sized clown sitting in a chair, cradling a number of smaller clown dolls in its lap.

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Clown-themed rooms

Oh, and every room is clown-themed: There are clowns on the doors and portraits of famous clowns (hi, Bozo!) hang on the walls.

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An equally creepy town

Want more? OK, have some of this creepiness: Tonopah is widely considered to be a “ghost town.”

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Small town, big clowns

The current population is around 2,500 people, but as a former mining town, it used to be a thriving metropolis of over 50,000. It was where the second-largest discovery of silver in the history of the state of Nevada.

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Neighboring ghosts

This meant a lot of people — miners, frontier explorers and more — once lived and died in Tonopah. Some of them are buried in the town’s old cemetery, dating back to 1901. So if the clowns weren’t enough for you, here: Have some ghosts of miners and prospectors, too.

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Tonopah Cemetery

As luck would have it, the Clown Motel is located right next to the old cemetery, so you’ll have a nice view of one of the many wooden-and-tin headstones marking the dusty graves.

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Strange stories and ‘mini breakfast’

That being said, the motel and the cemetery both seem to be devoid of otherworldly happenings. There are few strange stories here and there, but most of the reviews of the motel just note the free WiFi and “mini breakfast.”


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