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So, you’ve been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED). Sure, it’s not the greatest news for your sex life, but you’re not alone — 30 million U.S. men deal with this condition.

The upside is that your healthcare provider has written a prescription for tadalafil, an effective and well-researched medication for ED. Great!

But before you head off to the pharmacy, you wonder: how much does tadalafil cost? Soon, you’re asking yourself all sorts of questions like “Does the cost of tadalafil change with the dosage? Is there a difference between tadalafil 20mg price and the cost of a 5mg dose?” Before you know it, you’ve gone down a rabbit hole of tadalafil prices.

If you need help getting pulled out of that rabbit hole, we can help.

Since tadalafil is the generic version of Cialis, it’s generally much cheaper than its brand-name counterpart. But there are several factors that can affect tadalafil costs, which we’ll cover below as we answer all your questions.

What Is Tadalafil?

Okay, maybe your first question wasn’t “What does generic Cialis cost?” or “Where can I get the cheapest tadalafil?” It was probably more along the lines of what tadalafil even is.

Tadalafil is a long-lasting medication approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It’s nicknamed the “weekend pill,” since it can work for up to 36 hours per dose. This makes tadalafil a good option if you’d like an ED medication that doesn’t require as much planning for sex.

It’s also used to treat several other medical conditions, including pulmonary arterial hypertension (high blood pressure that develops in the lungs) and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH, or an enlarged prostate). Talk about a multi-functional drug.

So how exactly does tadalafil treat ED? It’s all about increasing blood flow to your penis.

Tadalafil and other common oral ED medications are in a category of drug known as PDE5 inhibitors (that’s short for phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors). These drugs widen your blood vessels, which increases blood flow to your penis so it’s easier to get and maintain an erection when you’re sexually stimulated.

Because ED can vary in severity, there’s no one-size-fits-all dosage of tadalafil. You may be prescribed 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg or 20mg tablets of tadalafil for use either before sex or daily, with the optimal dosage varying based on your symptoms and comorbidities.

The higher the dose, the more likely it is that you’ll experience side effects of tadalafil like headache, flushing or nasal congestion.

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How Much Does Tadalafil Cost?

There are numerous factors that can affect the price of tadalafil, from where you buy this medication to the dosage of tadalafil you’re prescribed by your healthcare provider.

So the biggest difference between Cialis vs tadalafil? The price.

Generic Tadalafil Cost

Generic tadalafil is significantly cheaper than brand-name Cialis. You can buy generic tadalafil for just a few dollars per pill, with prices varying based on the amount of tadalafil used in each tablet:

  • Tadalafil 5mg is priced from less than $1 to $8 or more per tablet. Your healthcare provider may prescribe tadalafil at this dosage if you only have mild erectile dysfunction symptoms or if you’re experiencing side effects from higher doses — you use it daily or as needed before sex, depending on how it’s prescribed for you.

  • Tadalafil 10mg is priced from $1 to $25 per tablet (or more). This is the typical starting dose of as-needed tadalafil. Your healthcare provider will likely suggest using tadalafil at this dosage if you have moderate erectile dysfunction.

  • Tadalafil 20mg is priced from $2 to $25 or higher per tablet. This is the strongest dose of tadalafil that’s used to treat ED. Your healthcare provider may suggest this dosage if you have severe ED that doesn’t improve with 10mg of tadalafil.

Tadalafil is also available as a daily-use medication at lower strengths — typically 2.5mg or 5mg. Tadalafil 2.5mg and tadalafil 5mg prices can vary from less than $1 per tablet to $8 or more, depending on the pharmacy from which you purchase tadalafil.

Cialis Daily Cost

The Cialis price per pill can range from $12 to $70, depending on the dosage of tadalafil in each tablet. For a standard 30-day supply of Cialis, you can expect to pay from $380 all the way up to $1,000 or more.

How to Pay the Lowest Price for Tadalafil

Since tadalafil is a medication you’ll generally use often, small differences in price can add up to a lot over the long term. Try using the tips and techniques below to purchase tadalafil at the best possible price.

Go with Generic

But wait — aren’t brand-name drugs better than generic medications? It’s understandable to think that brand name means better. After all, people probably prefer actual designer bags to knockoffs.

The answer, however, is no, brand name isn’t necessarily better. Generic versions contain the same active ingredient as the brand name and are even required to be the same as a brand-name medicine in dosage, effectiveness, safety, quality and more.

Check Your Healthcare Insurance

Some insurance plans may include coverage for ED drugs such as tadalafil. Consider talking to your insurance company to find out if tadalafil or similar medications for ED (and refills) are covered under your health insurance plan.

You might still have to pay a copay, but it will still be cheaper than the full price in most cases.

Consider Another ED Medication

If you only need to treat ED occasionally or prefer a shorter-acting treatment, you may be able to save money by using a different medication to treat ED.

Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, lasts for about four hours per dose and is available at an affordable price, making it a good alternative to tadalafil for as-needed ED treatment.

There’s also Stendra (the brand-name for avanafil), a newer ED medication that works in as little as 15 minutes.

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Where to Buy Tadalafil

Tadalafil is one of the most popular medications for treating erectile dysfunction, making it easy to find and purchase. You can buy tadalafil from:

  • Your local pharmacy. Most pharmacies sell brand-name Cialis and generic tadalafil, as well as other medications for erectile dysfunction. Pricing and availability can vary based on your location and choice of pharmacies nearby.

  • Our telehealth platform. We offer tadalafil and other erectile dysfunction medications online, following a consultation with a healthcare provider who can give you a prescription for ED medication if it’s right for you. You can also either buy the traditional oral tablet ED medications or chewable hard mints.

One thing to keep in mind is that popular ED medications such as tadalafil are frequently faked, with lots of counterfeits out there. Possible signs of a fake medication are that it’s from outside the U.S. or if you didn’t need a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional to get the medication.

Herbal or dietary supplements sold for sexual dysfunction often have more safety risks than Cialis or tadalafil, as they’re not rigorously tested and approved by the FDA. In short, the unknown ingredients could cause serious side effects or have dangerous interactions with other medications you take.

It’s important to note that generic drugs, however, aren’t counterfeit versions of ED medications — unlike a knockoff designer bag. Both tadalafil and Cialis are prescription drugs, unlike these supplements that you might see if you don’t have your ad blocker on.

The Bottom Line on Tadalafil Cost

If you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction, there are plenty of medication options, including tadalafil. Here’s what to remember about tadalafil and its cost:

  • Tadalafil, which is the generic version of Cialis, helps improve blood flow for stronger, harder erections. This medication lasts up to 36 hours, earning the nickname the “weekend pill.”

  • Generic tadalafil is typically much cheaper than brand-name Cialis, with a 30-day supply of tadalafil 5mg averaging between $42 to over $100.

  • If you’re looking for the cheapest tadalafil, double-check with your healthcare insurance provider to see if they cover the cost of tadalafil. If they don’t, you can seek medical advice from your healthcare provider about other ED medication options.

If you’re prescribed tadalafil or Cialis, this guide on how to get the maximum effects can help you get the best results.

And while tadalafil helps a lot of people, it’s possible to have psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Whether you deal with sexual performance anxiety, daily stress or mental health issues like anxiety and depression, the state of your mental health can also affect your sex life.

If this is the case for you, tadalafil might not be the right option. In this case, different types of therapy, including talk therapy, can help you figure out what triggers your anxiety and how to overcome these issues.

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When I was a kid, I grew up in a small town. We lived on an acre of land and had to frequently wash our vehicles because we lived on a dirt road. My father worked long hours and rarely took days off. Due to this lifestyle, I equated working hard with making money. I had no idea that this was not entirely true!

I’m not saying that hard work is not necessary, because it absolutely is. However, we all know those people who work harder than anyone else, yet they make little to no money compared to others. Take janitors for an example. I have known several hard-working janitors who could work circles around the company CEO. Yet on the pay scale, they are at the bottom of the totem pole. So does hard work equate to more money?

As I examined human behavior and financial strategies, I found an interesting fact about people who make the most money. Those who earn the most money are those who make their money work hard for them. They make their money work rather than working hard for their money. When their money is the one working, they actually make more of it. It’s the idea of working smarter, not harder.

Our views about money are shaped by many different things. They were shaped by our parents, our teachers, and other influential adults and friends in our lives. We lived through them and through their experiences whether we knew it or not. Our parents learned much of their money ideas from their parents and so on. These thought processes continue on in a repetitive cycle until someone breaks them. One change in the family tree can affect those below them.


When we think about money, many of us feel the only people who have money are the top 1%. They have most of the money and what is left is a finite amount that the rest of us work and fight for. Money as a resource feels like it is scarce.

Many of our grandparents lived through the Great Depression and now store money under their mattress to avoid losing it. Their experiences have shaped the opinions and views of money of their children and their children’s children. People who have lived through the Great Depression often avoid spending money on frivolous or expensive items. This fear of not having enough can create hoarder tendencies that can branch out into others in the family tree. This fearful idea of the scarcity of money can keep people from trusting to let their money to work for them.

The truth is, anyone who can control their spending and put effort into investing can reverse the scarcity mindset. By letting your money work for you, you can become wealthy if you control your spending – no matter your income level.


While many of us dream about winning the lottery, a similar number of us dread the thought of having that much money and responsibility. The more money and responsibility we have, the more stressed out we get.

Again, this is a misconception about money. While there may be more paperwork and responsibility due to having money, the amount of good you can do in this world should outweigh any negatives. Money does not need to have a negative connotation associated with it. Changing our pessimistic views can have a dramatic impact on the positive influence we could make with more money.


The past certainly has a way of sticking with us mentally. The income inequality of the past is finally evening out. It’s no longer a man’s world in regards to finance. Many successful women have come up through the ranks and created small businesses that have taken over. Get rid of the male-dominated finance mindset and start creating the life you want. It’s anyone’s game now! Just ask Oprah Winfrey, Doris Fisher (GAP), Margaret Whitman (eBay), or J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) who are all self-made billionaires!


Many of you reading cringed in the last article about the thought of becoming wealthy. Years ago, I would have had the same reaction. Growing up in private schooling, I was raised to believe that money leads to troubles. Chasing money is inherently sinful and it’s more honorable to be poor than to have great wealth.


This is similar to the money is the root of all evil premise. Many people are uncomfortable thinking about money or accumulating money. Comparing yourself to others can contribute to this thought process. That woman is smarter than me, she should be paid for. I don’t deserve to be paid well because I don’t have any skills. This self-defeating attitude about money can cost us our futures.

The truth about money is that the more of it you have, the more good you can do. The more you accumulate and the more it works for you, the more charitable giving and employment you can do. By being financially responsible, you can be a blessing to others.


Again, this myth was perpetuated to me throughout my youth I was raised to finish college and get a good job with great benefits. The idea of owning a company never even crossed my mind when I was younger. The goal was to avoid risks and get a good stable job that would take care of me for years to come.

In the past, this was a great motivator for people because solid pensions still existed and people could lead secure financial lives. Unfortunately, pensions are a thing of the past and working for a company usually doesn’t pay as well as you would like. Job security is related to low rewards due to low risks.

Those who have been the most successful are those who have branched out of the corporate mindset and started up their own businesses. The higher the risk, the higher the rewards have been. While the rewards for some people have been great, others have gone bankrupt.

While a safe corporate job may be what you desire, don’t forget that without innovators and small businesses, we wouldn’t enjoy many of the things we have today.


How many of you have thought, “if only I made more money, I would be happier?” Several studies have shown that more money does not equal more happiness after $75K a year. For more information, check out an article I wrote about money and happiness- Money CAN Buy Happiness!. However, the more you make after $75,000 a year – your happiness does not noticeably increase.

It turns out, after our basic needs are met – food, clothing, shelter, adding extra things like name brand purses and large televisions do not increase our overall happiness for an extended period of time.

Money can make us initially happy by purchasing items, but that happiness quickly fades away when the excitement of the new item wears off. If you don’t believe me, do you even use the items you received for Christmas last year? The truth is, we quickly lose interest in things.


There is an inherent uncomfortable feeling we get when we talk about money. Some of us would never even think about letting anyone else know how much we make. Money is a topic that should never be discussed with friends or other family members.

The problem with this ideology is we are preventing each other from learning how to handle money. If you are great at managing money shouldn’t we spread this information? If a friend is struggling to make ends meet, I would hope they would reach out to me for advice and guidance.

The reluctance to talk about money is doing us all a disservice. We share so many other ideas and motivation with our friends and relatives, why should money be any different?

SIphotography / istockphoto

Investing is no longer only available to hedge fund managers and millionaires. You can now invest your spare change in the stock market if you wanted to! The truth is, no matter your income, if you control your spending, you can start investing at any income level.

Compound interest is nothing short of miraculous when you think about it. Your savings will grow exponentially without you having to work for it! Even Albert Einstein referred to compound interest as the 8th wonder of the world!


Each and every one of these myths limits you on a daily basis. When you start to change your thought process about money, doors will begin to open to you. I encourage you to view your money, and future money opportunities as a blessing, not a curse.

Continue to educate yourself as much as you can and get rid of your debt so you can start investing! Your compound interest is waiting for you! Also, if you have not yet subscribed to my blog, please subscribe by email below! I don’t want you to miss any posts! Keep at it my friends, you work too hard to be this broke!

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