Kim Kardashian’s Photoshop fail is still pretty cute


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There’s something fake about Kim Kardashian’s Instagram.

It’s True. Literally.

That little joke will make sense in a minute…

Have you ever taken a good look at her instagram? I don’t mean have you seen Kim Kardashian’s Instagram, I mean have you ever taken a good, long look? There are themes. There is composition. There is depth. There are foundational colors. There are pops of color. There is intent. A lot of intent.

Instagram is Kardashian’s art, but something is amiss.

Here’s the scoop: It seems the Kardashians are big Disneyland fans. They descend on the Anaheim, California, park often and Kim has posted photos of the occasions on her Instagram account. But, this seemingly innocent act has the internet and Kardashian fans all going crazy, because the pictures from a December trip appear to be photoshopped. Badly photoshopped.

This photoshopping is especially egregious because Kardashian appeared to have taken some pictures of her daughter, Chicago, and her cousin Stormi. However, once the photos made it to Instagram they were not of Chicago and Stormi at all, rather they were suddenly of Chicago and Khloe Kardashian’s daughter, three year old True, who wasn’t even there.

Then Khloe posted a video earlier this month of “True’s first trip to Disneyland!” Say what now?

In response to the furor, Kardashian has admitted making the switch in the photos but promises it was nothing personal but more due to the color story she is unfolding on her Instagram. Her grid is featuring pink and blue this season, and as we can see, True is in pink in the photos.

It does look very nice. And while it’s True, it’s just not true.

See the video and get all the absolutely unaltered details from ETOnline here: