Lazy ways to make money without leaving home


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  • Rewarded Play – Get Free Rewards and Gift Cards with Your Android, Anywhere, Anytime!
  • Cash Alarm – Earn Up to $30/Day With This Android Game App!
  • Match to Win – Earn Real Money Fast By Matching & Playing!
  • Dominoes Gold – With Your Samsung Earn Cash, Gift Cards and More Playing Dominoes!
  • AppStation – Do you like Playing Games on Your Android? Like Cash? You’ve Come to the Right Place.


People have gotten more comfortable with working from home and there’s no doubt that if you could work in your pajamas and not have to worry about commuting to make money, you’d take the opportunity if it comes!

There’s been research that was done that proves that respondents’ productivity levels are up while working from home, which is more of an incentive to actually look for more opportunities to make money while at home.


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The luck has arrived for you because we’ve actually come across some “lazy ways” to make money from home and you won’t have to leave your pajamas or take a step out the front door.

Come learn more about the ways to make more money and put extra cash in your pocket from the comfort of your home.

1. Get Free Rewards and Gift Cards with Your Android, Anywhere, Anytime!

Play free games from the comfort of home with Rewarded Play (available for Android only), the one-stop app for casual games you’ll love to play. Play games, choose your rewards and get your gift cards within 48 hours! Earning gift cards really is that easy. Redeem rewards from name brand places and enjoy.

Use our app daily and play to earn rewards. Amazon gift cards, Target gift cards and Best Buy gift cards can be yours! Rewards games are free to play and available any time, even while you’re staying at home.

Love Solitaire, Mahjong, Wheel of Fortune, Yahtzee. and other similar games? Play these free rewards games and earn points when you start playing. What are you waiting for?

2. Earn Up to $30/Day With This Android Game App!

Do you find yourself playing mobile games like Candy Crush, 8 Ball Pool, or Angry Birds? Are the games you’re playing paying you for the time you spend on them? Let me guess – they’re probably not? But you do find yourself spending a little cash in the games yourself?
Let’s do a 180 and make the games you play pay you for a change. If you own an Android Device, Cash Alarm will give you the opportunity to earn cash on the side. You can earn upwards of $30 a day after playing the games you play through Cash Alarm!

Doesn’t that sound like a deal? Playing games and getting paid to play them! You bet it does. Download Cash Alarm now to find the games that are waiting for you to play them and in return, you get paid to play. It’s completely free and easy to use, so use your time to your benefit and get fast payouts today through playing with Cash Alarm!

3. Earn Real Money Fast By Matching & Playing!

If you’ve played Candy Crush before and you’ve cruised through the levels and crushed each game with ease, then you’re going to love crushing this game and you’ll get paid for it too! Through Match To Win, all you have to do is match the icons that are in each level and earn bonus points to earn money faster.

It’s such an easy way to match in Match To Win and earn up to $2,500 in cash or rewards by getting to the next level. Travel and grind through San Francisco or Paris on your quest to win prizes and cash during each match!

If you find the time to kick back and sit down on your couch, download the money-earning game, Match To Win, and join the daily Cash Dash event where players enter a sweepstakes race by collecting in-game trophies. If you’re among the first Top 25 players, you get the chance to win bonus prizes of $5 to $10!

Have fun in the tropical paradise, crush the easy levels, and earn cash now!


Match To Win for Android

Match To Win for iOS

4. With Your Samsung Earn Cash, Gift Cards and More Playing Dominoes!

Are you ready to play a game of Dominoes with a twist of fun & excitement? We hope you are because this game is made just for you! Dominoes Gold tests your skills in a game of Dominoes either by playing against the computer or a real live person in a race to see who the winner becomes.

The twist that comes with Dominoes Gold is the chance to earn real cash like $100 when you win the games of Dominoes. Test your skills and get to the top to earn higher cash prizes.

Better yet, enter the tournament and see what your skills are about, and get ranked in the leaderboards! Cash is fun and all, but you’ll also get the chance to win real-life prizes like gift cards, luxury watches, and maybe even a car. Don’t miss your chance to be the best Domino player in Dominoes Gold and earn the prizes that are waiting for you. You don’t want to miss the train!


Dominoes Gold for Android

Dominoes Gold for iOS

5. Do you like Playing Games on Your Android? Like Cash? You’ve Come to the Right Place.

There’s really no excuse to complain about not having money when you can be making money playing games on your phone. You hear that, right!? Making money playing games is a REAL thing now.

AppStation is an app that gives real payouts to users for playing mobile games. Just choose a game, play, collect coins, and watch your PayPal balance grow! The app is completely free to download and requires no in-app purchases.

Choose a cool game to play and fetch rewards every minute you play. Watch these rewards turn into awesome gift cards from your favorite stores or simply get a direct payout to your PayPal account. The more you play, the more you earn.

Have you heard of a way to make money that’s more fun?  We don’t think so.

You’re already just minutes away from your first payout!

6. With Your Samsung Pull In Some Money By Playing This Fun Pool Game

How great are your pool skills? Do you think you have what it takes to handle a game of billiards to win cash and compete against other pool players? We thought you did, that’s why you came to the right place.

Playing Pool Payday has you in the right place to earn more money while doing trick shots. How are your geometry skills? Don’t have any? That’s ok because playing Pool Payday helps guide the trajectory of your hit which helps you figure out the best decision for your play & on your way to earning more points to score leading to a payday in your way!

Play with friends, play against friends, or even play against other real people in the head-to-head pool games to win the rewards and cash prizes to take home. Win $100 easily with your pool skills and prove your way to victory! Having fun and winning cash is what Pool Payday is about and you don’t want to miss out!


Pool Payday for Android

Pool Payday for iOS

7. No Need to be Alone Playing Solitaire (Samsung Users Only)

There’s no need to play solitary in a game of Solitaire! With Solitaire Cube, you get to the chance to play against friends and challenge others in a competitive bout to see who wins first! Are you game enough to test your might against the clock in the Solitaire Royale?

Join tournaments and gain amazing rewards for playing head-to-head matches with all types of Solitaire players! Earn cash prizes, in-game trophies, and a standing in the game leaderboards against other top-notch Solitaire gamers. Work your way through the game brackets in tough, competitive matchups against players across the world and watch your name grow in the ranks!

Test your skills, challenge your mind, and win against other players in Solitaire Cube! There’s no need to play alone when you’re playing Solitaire. Challenge yourself to the top and you’ll have the chance to win cash prizes during the in-game tournaments!


Solitaire Cube for Android

Solitaire Cube for iOS

8. Have $1 in Your Pocket? Start Your Investing Journey Right Now!

What do you want most? Is it buying a new home? Putting money aside for retirement? Saving up for a nice trip? Stash can help you kick start your investing goals.

Have you been wanting to find ways to grow your money, but just haven’t gotten around to it?

Let me guess, you give yourself excuses like “I don’t know how to start,” “Now is not the right time, maybe someday,” or the classic “I just can’t afford it.”

But investing is actually easy now! And it doesn’t require hundreds of dollars to start. Actually, just $1.

Through Stash you can invest in a piece of a share of a company for as little as $1 and invest as much money as you want in well-known companies like Amazon,Apple and other companies with just pocket change! Signing up takes just a few minutes. Set up your investment goals and the app can do the rest of the work for you. When you sign up for Stash and deposit at least $5 into your Personal Portfolio, Stash will also give a $5 bonus for you!

Paid non-client endorsement. See Apple App Store and Google Play reviews. View important disclosures.

Investment advisory services offered by Stash Investments LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser. Nothing in this material should be construed as an offer, recommendation, or solicitation to buy or sell any security. All investments are subject to risk and may lose value.

9. Use Your Samsung and Put Your 21 Skills to the Test – Up For the Challenge?

Would you say you’re good at Solitaire? How about Blackjack? If your answer is “Yes!” then playing both games could never be so much fun when you’re playing it through 21 Blitz. Your skills are put to the test in this game mash-up and you won’t regret it! Why? You can win up to $5 or more while you play!

In 21 Blitz, you’ll have the chance to play against real people around the world en route to win big cash payouts! Don’t want to wage any cash yet? Don’t worry, you can also play against people for free, while you brush up on your skills and perfect your strategy. When you’re ready, you can put your skills to the test and work your way up the Leaderboards!

Did we forget to mention that you’ll also have the chance to win real-world prizes like a 4K TV or a brand-new jet ski? Well, test your 21 and Solitaire skills in 21 Blitz and get your chance to win these extravagant rewards because of your expertise. Get ready to win – Win Big Through 21 Blitz!


21 Blitz for Android

21 Blitz for iOS

10. Earn Money by Playing Games on Your Android

Picture this: you’re relaxing at home and playing video games, and you’re making money doing it. Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong- earning money by gaming is easy with Money Well.

Money Well is a free gaming app that pays gamers just for playing their games. When you game with Money Well, you earn gift cards from your favorite stores including:

  • Amazon
  • BestBuy
  • Starbucks
  • Nintendo and more!

You can line your wallet with cash by converting your Money Well tickets into PayPal money. The pro gamer life is calling your name, and it’s easy to get started.

First, download the free Money Well app.

Next, select from Money Well’s variety of games, and start playing. Enjoy an ad free gaming experience with absolutely no in app purchases. The more you play, the more you earn. Earning extra cash is simple with Money Well.

11. This Fun App Will Pay You in Cash & Gift Cards to Play New Games – No Hassle!

Are you bored at home, playing video games with barely any cash to spare? Did you know that you’re losing money by not playing this app we came across that pays you for playing video games? That’s right an app that pays you for playing!

And when we say “get paid for video games,” we mean it because App Flame offers players the opportunity to earn big while playing. The good news about playing through App Flame is the fact that you won’t have to worry about advertisements when playing games.
Additionally, if you win the games you play, you’re not only limited to cash prizes but your choice of free gift cards are a bonus in exchange for the tickets you’ve earned while playing.

There’s no boredom when you play daily from App Flame rotation of new games that switch out regularly to keep you earning more tickets with new game experiences and higher chances to making more cash.

Quit being bored at home and start making more money and earning gift cards through App Flame.

12. Get Paid to Play Games – Yes, You Heard That Right!

Playing games to earn cash might sound too good to be true, but its 2022 and anything is possible!

It’s too easy to be true. Download the Mistplay app, play games you like and enjoy the earnings!

Millions of users have earned more than $15 million just by downloading and having fun! With their wide selection of awesome mobile games, you won’t want to put this app down.

Stack up on points and redeem for the coolest gift cards from stores like Amazon, Google Play, Visa, Paypal, and more. If that’s not enough, enter contests for a chance to win grand prizes.

You can even invite your friends and enjoy the fun together! Isn’t it amazing what technology can do?

13. Increase Your Cash & Credit Score With Many Others Through This App

If you’re ever in the market to purchase a car, house, or even request a personal loan, the number one place to make sure you want to have a good-standing position is your credit score.

Your credit score is what makes or breaks the bank in interest rates, and you always want to keep those numbers low when paying off your loans.

We’ve come across an app called Credit Sesame, where you can gain the benefits of increasing the cash in your bank account and your credit score at the same time! That way, you’ll be more than prepared to secure low rates when you’re ready.

There are no fees required to check your score or manage your account and you’ll get the chance to check your credit score every day of the month! Credit Sesame also offers monthly credit reports for your review and what you can do to improve your score!

While you get to know your credit, you can also earn up to 15% cash back from over 5,000 retailers when using Credit Sesame as a payment option. There’s no other way to build your credit score than with Credit Sesame!

14. Receive Extra Money While Shopping

We’re not lying when we say you can earn rewards, gift cards, and cash back when you do the things everyone loves – shopping! Whether it be in-store or online, you get to earn points (or kicks) and the more kicks you get, the more rewards you can earn using the Shopkick app.

As you pick the products you need, you can earn even more kicks when after scanning the product using the Shopkick app, then after you purchase the product and share your receipt, more kicks go into your account for you to redeem a gift card of your choice!

This can apply to anywhere you shop like Target, Walmart, or your favorite grocery store, and turn your shopping experience into a fun one.
What’s even better is that you don’t have to only shop to earn more kicks. You can also enter a store in person, or even explore new brands and products through the Shopkick app to rack up your kicks. This can give you a higher chance to earn a free gift card every week.

Change your shopping experience with Shopkick and look forward to shopping every time you go. Go shopping, earn kicks, and get rewarded with gifts!


Shopkick for Android

Shopkick for iOS

15. Use Money RAWR to Earn Cash With 30,000 Other Users From Your Android

Do find interest in getting paid to play games you’ve never played before? Or maybe you have a kid who you let play on your phone or their tablet to keep them preoccupied while you shop for groceries? Did you know the Money RAWR app pays you for playing the games they offer for free? Well now you do!

Money RAWR is an app that offers new games every day and you get paid to play them. Over 30,000 users have played games using Money Rawr to get paid and they love this app because it’s easy to use, which means you’re just missing out on the chance to get paid!

There are quick payouts as you find yourself playing the games and you can build your new game portfolio to earning cash on the side, while you play and have fun. Play the games of your interest and you’ll get paid in no time with Money Rawr. You won’t regret it!

16. Do you listen to music every day? Why are you not getting paid for it??

It is apps like Mode Earn that make us believe anything is possible. That’s right, this app will pay you to jam out to your favorite tunes.
Listen to music while working, running, driving, or doing chores, and you could be making $600+ per year. How is that possible? We don’t even know.

Stream music from their 100,000+ radio stations and start earning points that convert into to hard cash.  If you’re reading this while listening to music, you are already missing out on this crazy opportunity.

17. Take Surveys. Get Paid.

Complete surveys. Collect points. Redeem for cash or gift cards. It’s literally that simple. Branded Surveys is a free site that pays you to take quick surveys for major brands. With no application or waiting period to sign up, you can start earning immediately. All you need is a computer and an email; and if you are reading this, I am sure you already have at least one of those. Whether you are a student or a struggling parent, Branded Surveys is the easiest alternative to make some cash on the side.

Join the community of 2 million members that are taking quick surveys on the go and cashing in their rewards. Branded Surveys has already paid out $19 million dollars to its members. Start redeeming your rewards today!

18. Reap Rewards and Get Paid by Sharing Your Opinions

Looking to get rewarded with a flight to your next destination? Maybe you constantly shop at Target and would like a few extra dollars to pay at the checkout? Better yet, you’re looking forward to going for a run and need new athletic apparel from Nike, why not get it for free?

By sharing your thoughts and values through Valued Opinions, you can be rewarded with the efforts you put into reshaping the products and services of the future. Your opinion counts and you’ll get rewarded for it too!

Share your experience with everyday products that you use or the services you come across and earn credits for your reviews. As you build your credits, redeem them for gift cards and rewards you’ve earned for sharing the value you bring to products and services you engage with.
Say you’re neighborly and would rather donate your rewards? You can do that too with a $20 UNICEF donation as you earn the compensation from your thoughts. Join Valued Opinions today and start earning!

19. An App that Helps Find the Best Discounts While Shopping Online

Slickdeals takes all of the legwork out of finding the best discounts and coupons for the brands you love to shop. Saving time and money has never been easier joining the fast-growing community has never been simpler.

By creating a community of shoppers and savers who are constantly looking for great deals, Slickdeals has connected like-minded people and made finding the best discounts beyond simple. Users can regularly save between 50 to 90 percent on popular items including televisions and tablets. Even better, the community that Slickdeals has created allows everyone to comment on the deals that are available, vote, share, and engage with one another to ensure that only the best savings opportunities are being presented.

Aside from finding the best deals, Slickdeals enables communities to combine points, credit card offers, and other coupons with the already generous discounts that are posted each day, allowing Slickdeals users to save more than with any other website. With millions of users and over two decades in operation, Slickdeals is the obvious choice for anyone looking to snag the hottest products at a fraction of the price.

20. Make $200 a Month In a Blink of an Eye

This app will literally pay you to do the daily activities you already do! Watch YouTube videos, read emails, shop online and InboxDollars will directly deposit cash into your PayPal account. It’s so simple, you’ll wish you already had an account. You can make over $200 a month without even thinking about it! There is no excuse to lose out on the earnings when you can be making money from the comfort of your couch. InboxDollars has already paid over $80 million in cash rewards to its users. Sign up today and be one of the hundreds making easy money online.


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38 ways to earn passive income


Having more than one source of income is pretty common these days. For some people, it’s a way to make ends meet. For others, it’s a way to grow their wealth. It can also be a way to feel more financially secure. If one source of income dries up, there is another that can fill in the gap. While a common source of income is the type earned from a regular job, there is also passive income.


Creating and managing passive income streams isn’t a passive activity. It requires upfront work and sometimes investment to build up a source of passive income. Depending on what your passive income source is, such as a blog or podcast, it may require you to put in time each week to keep it earning you cash.


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Khosrork/ istockphoto


Passive income is money that you earn without active involvement. In other words, it is income that isn’t attached to an hourly wage or annual salary. Passive income streams could include things like cash flow from rental properties, dividend-yielding stocks, sales of a product (that requires little or no effort), royalties and more.


SARINYAPINNGAM / istockphoto


In addition to passive income streams, there are other types of income you can earn:

  • Earned income: This is the most common type of income
  • — money you make from a job. With earned income, you are trading your time for money.
  • Profit income: Profit income comes from the sale of a product after expenses have been deducted.
  • Interest income: This can be money earned from one entity lending to another entity, such as a person, company or bank. This can also be referred to as interest from accounts such as savings accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs) in which you receive a 1099-INT at the end of the year.
  • Dividend income: Most dividend income is earned by the distribution of income from companies to shareholders owning stocks that pay dividends.
  • Rental income: Rental income is earned when you rent or lease a house, car, or other property you own to someone else.
  • Capital gains: This generally refers to profit (or gain) that is subject to taxation when you sell an asset such as stock or real estate. There are both long- and short-term capital-gains tax rates depending upon how long you held the asset before sale.
  • Royalty income: Royalty income is generated when you own the rights to a piece of art, music, literature or another asset licensed for other people to use, or from the extraction of oil, gas, or minerals.


Pinkypills / istockphoto


There are only 24 hours in a day. If you go to a job each day that pays you a set amount of money, that is the maximum amount that you’ll ever make in a 24-hour period. That is called earned income.


By investing some of that earned income and creating sources of passive income, you may be able to increase your earnings. Diversifying your income stream may also improve your financial security.




  • More free time: By earning money through passive income sources, you might be able to free time in your schedule. You may choose to spend more time with your family, pursue a creative project or new business idea, or travel the world.
  • Financial security: Even if you still plan to keep your 9-to-5 job, having multiple sources of income could help increase your financial security. If you lose your job, become sick or get injured, you may still have money coming in to cover expenses. This is especially important if you are supporting a family.
  • Tax benefits: You may want certain legal protections for your personal assets or to qualify for tax breaks. Consulting with an attorney and/or tax advisor to explore setting up a formal business structure like a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation might help you decide if this is a good route for your particular situation.
  • Location flexibility: If you don’t have to go into an office each day, you’ll be free to move around and, possibly, live anywhere in the world. Many passive income streams can be managed from your phone or laptop.
  • Achieve financial independence: The definition of financial independence is having enough income to cover your expenses without having to actively work in order to cover living expenses. This could allow you to retire early and have more freedom to live your life the way you choose. Whether you’re interested in retiring early or not, passive income can be one way to help you reach financial independence.
  • Pay off debt: Passive income may help you to supplement your income so that you will have the opportunity to pay off any debts more quickly.




Although it might sound like a dream come true to quit your job and travel the world, earning through passive income is not quite that simple.

  • Earning passive income is not a passive activity: Whether you earn passive income through a rental property, running a blog or in another way, you will still need to put in some time and effort. It takes time to get these income sources up and running, and they don’t always work out as planned. If, for example, you run an Airbnb, you have to maintain the property, ensure a high-quality experience for guests, and address any issues or concerns guests may have to secure positive reviews.
  • Passive income requires diversity: In order to earn enough passive income to quit your job and cover all your expenses, you would most likely need more than one source of income. Although you may no longer need to clock into a 9-to-5 job, you will likely still need to spend time managing multiple income streams.
  • It’s lonely at the top: It might sound great to never have to go to the office again and to have the freedom to travel, but earning money through passive income can become lonely. Not having anyone to talk to during the day might make you feel lonely, and if you aren’t self-motivated, you may find it difficult to stay on task if you need to manage your passive income streams.
  • Getting started may require investment: Depending on how you plan to earn passive income, it may require an initial financial investment. You may need money for a down payment on a rental property, the development of a product you plan to sell or for investment into dividend-yielding stocks.




There are a number of ways to earn passive income. Some options, like the following, take relatively little active supervision.



SIphotography / istockphoto


By simply putting your money in the bank, you may be able to start to earn passive income on it. If you invest in an FDIC-insured account, the first $250,000 of your money is protected. There are both banks and online platforms that offer high-yield savings accounts.


Although this may take an up-front investment, buying into a business and becoming a silent partner can be another passive income source.


Using a peer-to-peer or crowd-lending website, you can be matched to an individual seeking a loan and lend your money as an installment-type loan, earning interest on it. You might earn even more than from a bank, depending on the loan.





Another popular passive income source is rental property. You might want to purchase a home to rent out to an ongoing tenant or list a property on a short-term rental site like Airbnb. Hiring a property management company lessens your day-to-day involvement, thereby making this venture more passive than active.


If you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a piece of property, you can always check out your options on crowdfunded real estate sites like Fundrise and CrowdStreet. For Fundrise, you only need $500 to start.


There is no guarantee that investing in dividend-paying stocks will continue to earn you passive income, but some investors may enjoy the thrill of the ups and downs of the stock market. Dividend-paying stocks typically pay investors quarterly or annually and often allow investors to reinvest the dividends.


If you’re just getting started with investing, you may want to use automated investing tools to help you choose the appropriate allocation of assets for your goals.


AndreyPopov / istockphoto


When you open your retirement account, you can choose to invest it however you want. One way to earn passive income on a retirement account is through mutual funds. You can choose the level of risk you want to take with your money by finding a mutual fund that is higher or lower risk.



Flickr: American Advisors Group


When you join a company’s affiliate program, you earn a commission from every product that someone purchases from that company. All you have to do is post the link on your blog, website or social media pages. Amazon Associates is a great place to start.



CarmenMurillo / iStock


Another one of the best passive income opportunities is renting out your car on a site like Turo. It’s basically the Airbnb of cars, and, according to Turo, the average annual income for one car on the site is $10,516.


If you have a clean driving record and a newer car, consider getting in touch with a car advertising agency. You simply drive around town with ads on your car and easily earn passive income.





Do you have space in your driveway that you aren’t using? Then rent it out on platforms like Stow It, where you can find people who will pay to rent out the space.





If you have extra space in your garage, shed or storage unit, then you could earn passive income by using a peer-to-peer storage site like Stashii to find people who need your space.



DFTidrington / istockphoto


You may not have space to store other people’s things, but you might consider investing in a real estate investment trust (REIT) that focuses on storage units. For example, one option is Public Storage, which has ownership or interest in 2,548 properties located in 38 states.


Perhaps you don’t have a car, but you do have a bike that’s just sitting around. Your bike could be a lucrative passive income source, especially if you live in a high-traffic area. List your bike on Spinlister to get started.


Even if you don’t own a rental property, with your landlord’s permission, you may be able to rent out a room in your apartment or list it on Airbnb and start adding to your passive income streams.


If you love pets, you can earn passive income by welcoming pets into your home while their owners are on vacation. For instance, you could charge $30 to $80 per day just for running a doggy daycare. You can gain clients through word of mouth or use a site like Rover to find customers.


When your friends go out of town, they may need someone to stay in their home and do simple things like water their plants and collect their mail. You can easily make money and have somewhere new to stay for a little bit. Along with making yourself available to friends, you can sign up to be a house sitter on



Valeriy_G / iStock


Some domain names are cheap, while others cost a lot of money because they are in high demand. One thing you could do to start another passive income stream is to purchase domain names you think will be popular. Purchase low for around $10 to $100 and then sell them for a much higher price later on.


Have you ever done a home improvement project that required you to purchase tools? You may never need to use those tools again. Thankfully, now you can rent tools, and rent out your tools, on peer-to-peer platforms such as Sparetoolz to earn passive income.



artisteer / istockphoto


Let’s say you don’t have any songwriting ability, but you would like to make money on other artists’ work. You can invest in royalties through Royalty Exchange and earn passive income on the intellectual property.



Drablenkov / istockphoto


You can make thousands of dollars per month if you own a billboard where companies can advertise their products and services. Do your research and make sure you get the right permits before committing to a billboard.





If you don’t have the time or energy to create content for your own blog, then look into ones that are already successful and see if the owners are willing to sell. You could also hire someone to manage your blog so that you’re truly earning in a passive way.


If you have a special skill or knowledge about a certain topic, you may be able to create a video course where you teach people about that topic and charge them to take the course.



fizkes/ istockphoto


You may want to research online platforms where you can sell everything from digital art to e-books. Whether you’re an artist, graphic designer or writer, you can create digital products to sell online.



DMEPhotography / istockphoto


Many companies, bloggers and individuals use stock photos on a regular basis. You may be able to upload your best photos to stock photo sites and earn passive income on them.


If you’ve been dreaming about an amazing phone app that you think a lot of other people would use, you may want to look into hiring a development team to create it.


You may be able to earn passive income through sales of a product that you create. This could be a book that you write or a physical product that you design and make. You might also list items you already own on sites like eBay and earn extra income through those sales.



CrispyPork/ istockphoto


Do you love to write songs? Then you could license your music and start to earn passive income. You’ll just have to team up with a music licensing company to get started.





Through platforms like Amazon’s KDP, you can self-publish a book and earn a royalty on it every time someone makes a purchase. You will be able to set the price of your book and be in full control of your book’s Amazon page, where you can list pictures of the book, reviews and videos promoting it.


You can start selling books online without having to write anything. How? By focusing on blank books, such as journals, sketchbooks and planners. Simply find a design you believe will appeal to people and begin collecting royalties when people buy your books.





Another artistic endeavor that could be a good passive income stream is creating greeting cards that you sell to a wholesale or retail stationery company that accepts independent artist submissions.



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If you want to sell products online but don’t want to store any of the goods, you could always look into dropshipping to earn passive income. With dropshipping, you don’t have to have much money to start since you don’t need inventory to fulfill orders for customers.





If you like to write and are passionate about a certain topic, you might want to start a blog and earn money through ads and affiliate links.


If you enjoy creating videos more than writing, then consider starting your own YouTube channel. Once you get enough viewers, you can earn passive income through YouTube advertising.


Podcasts are all the rage, and they can generate some passive income streams for you. If you start a podcast that resonates with people, then you can grow your audience and monetize your show by sponsoring with ad partners. If you get enough listeners, you may be able to sign up for podcast advertising networks.



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When people are out at a bar or nightclub or they’re frequenting a cash-only business, they may need cash right away. If you own an ATM business and you place your ATM in high-traffic locations, you could start to earn passive income through surcharge fees. Typically, you could earn around $3 per withdrawal.


Similar to an ATM business, a vending machine business allows you to use your creativity and determine high-traffic areas where you could make a lot of money. If you buy in bulk, you’ll be able to save on the snacks and drinks you purchase for your machines.


No matter which type of passive income you choose to pursue, it’s important to keep track of your finances and both your short-term and long-term financial goals.


Tracking multiple sources of income in a monthly budget can be a complex task. To be profitable, it’s important to pay attention to how much money you put into the maintenance of your passive income stream(s), such as property upkeep or monthly online services.




Establishing passive income streams is one way to diversify your income and can help you build wealth and achieve financial freedom in the long term. There are a variety of ways to earn passive income, such as through investing, rental properties and earning royalties. Some passive income sources require a financial commitment upfront, such as purchasing a rental property, and others may require a time commitment.


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