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A few places may come to mind when you think of Walt Disney World’s most photographed landmarks. The most famous landmark is Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle, which had its most recent makeover in 2020. Many other attractions and rides around the four theme parks and resorts are cherished spots where friends and family have gathered for a photo.

However, one landmark inside of EPCOT that thousands of visitors walk by daily has its storied place inside the hearts of thousands of Disney World fans.

Say hello to Binny the Trash Can.

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Yes, it’s true. This humble trash can has become one of EPCOT’s most popular meeting places.

Binny’s location outside of the World Showcase United Kingdom’s Rose & Crown Pub caught the attention of Skip Sher in 2021. He had just founded the Disney Day Drinkers Club, a group of adults who enjoy sampling the numerous alcoholic beverages served in the 11 countries of EPCOT’s World Showcase (or anywhere around Walt Disney World, actually).

During one of the Disney Day Drinkers Club’s (D3) first meetups for an EPCOT bar crawl (known to fans as “Drinking around the world”), the group stopped at the Rose & Crown Pub. COVID-19 restrictions were still in place, and finding a place outside to enjoy their drinks was a challenge.

To their good fortune, a lonely gray trash can stood outside the restaurant, and the group decided to stand around and use it as a tabletop.

One of the members thought this trash bin would be an ideal meeting place for future club get-togethers. The Rev. Sean Knox, a Roman Catholic priest, had the official duty to bless the club’s new mascot.

“I had a Smithwick’s beer, and I dipped my fingers in it, and sprinkled it on the can. Herein lies the origin of Binny,” he told Insider.

Two years later, Binny has his own massive following. Members of the Disney Day Drinkers Club and other Disney World fans love stopping and taking photos of the iconic landmark in EPCOT.

There is also a fun ritual D3 members have when they pass by Binny. Many members raise a glass to him while walking by. A few members took this a step further by actually tapping the side of “Saint Bincent.”

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“I’ve seen how much people truly love Binny,” explained D3 member Iliana Rosado to Insider. “People have decorated him up, brought their kids over to take a picture with him, and if we’re hosting a crawl, the group always gets a picture with Binny.

But that happiness almost vanished with a mysterious disappearance in September.

Where’s the Teal Binny?

According to a Sept. 11 post on the Disney Day Drinkers Facebook group, Binny no longer stood in his revered location as of 2:48 p.m. that afternoon. Photographic evidence was submitted in the post.

Nearly 500 comments flooded the post, including one with a photo documenting Binny’s last known whereabouts at 2:11 p.m. in his usual spot.  Eventually, the group administrators shut down the post.

Insider writer Andrea McHugh, who is also a member of the Disney Day Drinkers group, found another Disney Day Drinker who works at the theme parks and posted that Binny got relocated to a spot across the street and away from the front of the restaurant/pub.

Sher commented that the new location would likely give people who gather around Binny more space and not block foot traffic in the park.

Despite group administrators reporting they’ve identified Binny’s new location, some members share pictures at the previous location or other, similar-looking trash bins. To them, Binny is more of a spirit than a particular can.

“Right Binny, wrong Binny…I have no idea,” wrote member Donny GL in his Oct. 3 post from EPCOT in the United Kingdom pavilion. “I’m from NY. It’s not the first trash can I’ve leaned on while drinking, and probably won’t be my last. Sláinte!”

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