Old Fashion Trends That Should Have Just Stayed Dead


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Fashion fads come and go — and then sometimes they come back again. While we can get behind certain born-again trends like Converse sneakers and retro Nikes, there are some fads that are actually fashion faux pas. 

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1. Low-Rise Jeans

Hip huggers were all the rage in the early 2000s and as with many Y2K fashion trends, they’re experiencing a resurgence among Gen Z. Boomers will remember them, too, from the 1960s and ’70s. But don’t try to be one of the cool kids and rock these jeans, people, they fizzled out for a reason. We remain loyal to high-waisted denim til we die! Leave the low-rise where it belongs — on tabloid photos of Paris Hilton with glittery eyeshadow, platinum blonde hair, and way too much bronzer on her face.

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2. Shirts With Puffy Sleeves

Because who doesn’t want to look like a Three Musketeer? Not only are we wondering how these are making a comeback, but we’re wondering how they were ever popular in the first place. Seriously, these shirts look like they were made for taking flight. Not cute.

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3. Ugg Boots

You weren’t one of the cool kids in the early 2000s if you weren’t rocking a pair of Ugg boots … in any and all weather. Kids these days think they’ve stumbled upon some sort of trendy fuzzy boot fad, but they’re just sporting the relics of decades past … which should’ve stayed in the past if you ask us.

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4. Fanny Packs

Were you even a parent on vacation during the ’80s or ’90s if you didn’t have a fanny pack fastened around your waist? Kids thought these were hideous back then, but nowadays they’re trendier than ever, albeit they’re worn more like a cross-body purse than a belted pouch. It’s still a fanny pack, guys, we hate to break it to ya. 

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5. Crocs

Crocs, like some other trends on this list, have been reborn in popularity since their first bout in the early 2000s. In fact, more people own a pair of these now than there are people who don’t. Most would agree that they aren’t the most attractive type of footwear, but their comfort is undeniable — even we can admit that. 

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6. Mom Jeans

We know we said we were team high-waisted for life, but mom jeans are a step too far. We know they’re comfy, but the loose-fitting, boxy pants should’ve remained buried in their ’90s graves. These are flattering on just about no one. 

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7. Chokers

Chokers are another 1990s fad that have recently been resurrected. Personally, we’d rather accessorize with things that didn’t tightly rub against our skin or leave a lasting imprint on our necks.

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