Sure, you’ve seen some bad drivers, but wait’ll you see this


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Remember that old George Carlin bit on bad driving?

“Have you ever noticed that anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”

Yep. Prepare for a deluge of idiots and maniacs. I’m not kidding. A veritable flash flood of idiots and maniacs is heading your way and you don’t even know it. They are here, on YouTube, in a video of ultimate driving fails posted to Dash cam Central’s channel. OK, it might not be all the idiots and maniacs, but it is definitely a hearty portion of serious stupidity run amok.

If you enjoy car-nage (oh, she’s funny…) you are going to love this. This video is jam packed with so many different types of stupid you’’ll need to watch it twice and take notes. Apparently anyone who turns 16 and can pass a basic class and take an exam is given a driver’s license in this country. And maybe other countries, too. It’s hard to tell in some of these clips.

You are about to ask yourself “Ummm…why?” and consider the initiation of mandatory IQ tests for all potential drivers. I don’t think we have a choice.

Every type of smash up you can imagine is represented here.

We’ve got your head-on collisions, your vehicle rollovers, yourT-bones (everyone’s fave!), your multiple vehicle collisions, your sideswipes, your side-impact collisions (aka, the broadside) and, of course, your single car accidents (Which are really just freakouts. We all know it.)

So, grab a wrench and go take one of the bucket seats out of your truck (to my family: y’all can just wipe ‘em down and bring ‘em on inside!) grab a helmet, some coveralls, a bunch of bungees to strap yourself in with, and the beverage of your choice. Plop them all in front of the flatscreen and check this out…