Ted Lasso’s Roy Kent is teaching kids the ‘F’ word on Sesame Street


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If you love the Apple+ hit “Ted Lasso” then you know who Roy Kent is, and the chant fans use for the football captain (soccer to us Americans).

“He’s here!

He’s there!

He’s every fu….”

Just trust me. He’s everywhere.

But now, everywhere doesn’t just mean on the football pitch, because now…. he’s on Sesame Street and he’s teaching our impressionable children the “F” word while innocently baking cookies with muppet buddy Tamir. OK, it’s not Roy, but Brett Goldstein, the actor who plays him. And the word in question is “fairness.”

Goldstein’s character, Kent is known for his almost frenetic use of his favorite word on the show. And he definitely played up the humor when Tamir introduced the word of the day by saying it starts with the letter F. Goldstein responded, “I love the letter F!” Adults familiar and unfamiliar surely guffawed.

Check out the Sesame Street clip here: