The 10 Best Korean BBQ Meats Perfect For Summer Grilling


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When it comes to Korean food, we like to let the grill times roll at Korean BBQ. We love the smoke, the sizzle, and the communal chill and grill BBQ experience. Plus, the meat — paper thin slices of beef, pork, and chicken — paired with spicy Ssamjang sauce and dozens of bowls of banchan is pure perfection.

Call some friends and get ready to get lit. Get all up in your grill with our guide to the best meats for Korean barbecue. 맛있게 드세요! (mas-issge deuseyo, bon appetit!).

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What Are The Leanest Kbbq Meats?

The leanest KBBQ meats are those that do not have a lot of fat. The leanest KBBQ meats include beef sirloin, chicken breast, and pork loin. The leanest meats for Korean BBQ are the same as the lean meats you would eat in other cuisines.

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What Is Korean Bbq Pork Called?

Korean BBQ pork is called samgyeop-sal. The name means “three layer meat” and each thick, juicy piece appears layered with meat and fat. Whether marinated or unmarinated, this Korean BBQ pork is an essential part of Korean BBQ.

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What Are The Typical Kbbq Meats?

The typical KBBQ meats are those that are beautifully marbled and higher in fat content. Korean BBQ meats are thinly sliced, ideal cuts of meat that grill well on high heat without drying out or accidently cooked well done.

Skirt Steak: Anchangsal (안창살)

Anchangsal is skirt steak. It is from the outer part of the skirt steak. This skirt steak’s tender, flavorful, and ample fattiness make this a memorable cut of meat.

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Beef: Bulgogi (불고기)

Bulgogi is marinated beef like brisket, ribeye, or sirloin. This sweet and savory beef comes from the loin of the cow. The meat gets wavy as it cooks over smoky charcoal.

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Thin Sliced Beef Brisket: Chadolbaegi (차돌박이)

Chadolbaegi is beef brisket. This beautifully marbled, thinly sliced brisket is succulent when expertly seared quickly at high heat.

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Ribeye: Deungshim (등심)

Deungshim is ribeye. This is a naturally high fat meat that is super flavorful.

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Boneless Short Ribs: Galbi (소갈비)

Galbi is beef short ribs. Nothing grills quite as nicely as well-marbled marinated short ribs. This cut of meat has a decent fat-to-meat ratio, making it ideal for grilling. When thin-cut short ribs are grilled, the galbi’s fat helps keep the meat from drying out.

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Pork Jowl: Hangjeongsal (항정살)

Hangjeongsal is pork jowl. Pork cheek is an oily cut of meat that has a terrific, tender texture and taste.

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Chicken Thigh: Dalg Heobeogji (닭허벅지)

Dalg Heobeogji is grilled chicken thigh. These juicy morsels of chicken with crispy skins are irresistible.

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Pork Neck: Moksal (목살)

Moksal is pork neck. This well marbled meat has a high volume of connective tissue and more meat than hangjeongsal.

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Pork Belly: Samgyeop-Sal (삼겹살)

Samgyeop-sal is pork belly. The meat comes from the fifth or sixth rib. This high fat meat creates a wonderful sizzle and flavorful grilling experience.

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Beef Belly: Woo Samgyup (우삼겹)

Woo Samgyup is beef belly. Similar to pork belly, beef belly is a beautifully marbled, fatty, and flavorful meat that is perfect for KBBQ.

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