The 30 most popular cuisines on Instagram

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It may have all started with celebrity TV chefs and culinary competitions, but social media — Instagram in particular — has turned viewers into creators as virtually millions of people share their foodie experiences online.

In fact, food is the most photographed subject you’ll find on Instagram. The top food hashtags of 2020 were #Food, #FoodPorn, #Yummy, #Foodie, and #Delicious.

And restaurateurs recognize the power of the media, designing photo-worthy menus and even redecorating interiors for more pleasing photo backdrops.

Instagram is so important in the food industry that it is even driving culinary trends worldwide. Yes, it’s a platform for inspiration for tonight’s dinner, a place to discover the best new burger joint in town, find upscale dining destinations or be wowed by the most crazy and creative food styling.

And while the visual aspect is probably the most important on Instagram, research shows 44% of consumers are happy to follow brands that resonate with their ethical values and #sustainability has more than 3.3 million mentions.

But it’s the food trends we are looking at here, and Chef’s Pencil has put together a list of the most used hashtags by country cuisine and food type.

Here are the 30 most popular cuisines on Instagram:

Image Credit: satoriramenbar / Instagram.

30. Columbian

Tags on Instagram: 257,000

Image Credit: charlie_love_0 / Instagram.

29. Polish

Tags on Instagram: 275,000

Image Credit: hungrydinos / Instagram.

28. Sri Lankan

Tags on Instagram: 283,000

Image Credit: everyday_dalbhat / Instagram.

27. Cuban

Tags on Instagram: 353,000

Image Credit: foodstory021 / Instagram.

26. German

Tags on Instagram: 358,000

Image Credit: kitchenqueen71 / Instagram.

25. Moroccan

Tags on Instagram: 384,000

Image Credit: baboushdallas / Instagram.

24. Persian

Tags on Instagram: 389,000

Image Credit: fariba77 / Instagram.

23. Venezuelan

Tags on Instagram: 394,000

Image Credit: comidadevenezolanos / Instagram.

22. Brazilian

Tags on Instagram: 403,000

Image Credit: / Instagram.

21. Pakistani

Tags on Instagram: 617,000

Image Credit: foodfusionpk / Instagram.

20. American

Tags on Instagram: 626,000

Image Credit: Fudio/istockphoto.

19. Jamaican

Tags on Instagram: 650,000

Image Credit: beverleyearl246 / Instagram.

18. Taiwanese

Tags on Instagram: 692,000

Image Credit: woon.heng / Instagram.

17. Lebanese

Tags on Instagram: 867,000

Image Credit: whatsuplebanon / Instagram.

16. Nigerian

Tags on Instagram: 1,031,000

Image Credit: naijalifemagazine / Instagram.

15. Turkish

Tags on Instagram: 1,076,000

Image Credit: houston_trending_feed / Instagram.

14. Spanish

Tags on Instagram: 1,093,000

Image Credit: uitostudy / Instagram.

13. Peruvian

Tags on Instagram: 1,110,000

Image Credit: rodrigofernandini / Instagram.

12. Greek

Tags on Instagram: 1,509,000

Image Credit: jerseyshorefoodie75 / Instagram.

11. French

Tags on Instagram: 1,513,000

Image Credit: thecraveabletable / Instagram.

10. Filipino

Tags on Instagram: 1,661,000

Image Credit: whattoeatph / Instagram.

9. Vietnamese

Tags on Instagram: 2,845,000

Image Credit: nuocmamafoods / Instagram.

8. Indonesian

Tags on Instagram: 3,815,000

Image Credit: yscooking / Instagram.

7. Chinese

Tags on Instagram: 6,489,000

Image Credit: top_london_restaurants / Instagram.

6. Mexican

Tags on Instagram: 6,708,000

Image Credit: rick_andrew_martinez / Instagram.

5. Thai

Tags on Instagram: 7,324,000

Image Credit: thaibotanico / Instagram.

4. Korean

Tags on Instagram: 7,524,000

Image Credit: hangrypantss / Instagram.

3. Indian

Tags on Instagram: 8,589,000

Image Credit: foodgasm.india / Instagram.

2. Italian

Tags on Instagram: 14,720,000

Image Credit: unatimidatracciadisale / Instagram.

1. Japanese

Tags on Instagram: 15,523,000

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Image Credit: satoriramenbar / Instagram.