The easy way to keep bread from getting freezer burn

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While it’s so soft and delicious when you buy it, the trouble with bread comes with the storage. Most of us store bread by just tossing it in the freezer, but is standing back and spiraling it into the freezer football-style really the best way to handle this staple of American diets? 

According to YouTube channel Kitchen Tips OnLine, it is not. If you store bread in the freezer in the normal way, you’ll end up with two things, and neither of them are fresh bread. You will end up with a stack of bread that more closely resembles a set of light wood coasters or Styrofoam and a pile of very small, very fine ice flakes (of course that’s the scientific term! Would I steer you wrong?).

“Ice flakes?” you say, “inside the bag?”

Yes. The ice is coming from inside the bag!

And to figure out why we must resort to something drastic: Science!

According to science, water freezes when it is cold. When this happens, the water can sometimes convert to a gaseous state without becoming a liquid again. This process is called sublimation, and it’s exactly what is going on with your bread. The moisture in the bread itself freezes and then converts to a frozen gaseous state. This is the ice on the inside of your bag. It is also why your bread is now desiccated and is much more similar to a coaster or light weight hockey puck. 

So, what do we do? 

Well, according to the video, we simply fill a giant pot with water. We then submerge the bread, bag and all, making sure no water gets inside, with the bag open. This gets rid of most of the air, and without air, sublimation is slowed.

Boom! Fresh bread for up to three months. 

Learn science, have fresh bread and be a better all-around person by watching this video.

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