The internet is obsessed with this woman’s unusual pet


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Chloe the serval has a good life.

She’s an influencer. She’s a house cat. I know, it sounds strange and, well, honestly, it is. But if you have been anywhere near social media recently and didn’t see her, you had to be trying because she is all over it like a pet serval on the kitchen counters (check out this super cute video of Chloe Jade on kitchen counters).



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Chloe met her bestie (and Matt’s partner), Shannon DePender, five years ago, and that’s when things got inter– wait, it was already interesting. Hmm…

It got social! 

With over a million followers on TikTok and about 220,000 on Instagram, Chloe’s social media accounts are a charming and breezy serval public education program/journal of daily life with a beloved pet. Chloe is absolutely beautiful and stalky in every way (her people are pretty cute, too), and watching her rolling, muscled grace stalking about her unbelievably clean (like, that house is spotless! And it’s all cream and pale blue! I guess serval owners are just on a different leave all the way around…) is soothing. Like kitty ASMR. 

Corbiel and DePender run Chloe’s social media accounts (she is only 16) and post videos of Chloe doing her regular cat stuff as well as answer Chloe-related questions. It’s good fun. 

And it looks easy! So easy! I mean yes, she requires a special diet, and she has to run approximately 23.25 hours a day. Sure, she weighs 30 pounds and literally hisses hello at you, but look at her wittle face! 

So, now I want a serval. 

Check out Chloe’s Instagram and get yourself some serval knowledge.

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