The most impressive cat video you’ve ever seen


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Everybody loves a cat video, right? It’s basically what the internet was created for, or at least I like to think so.

But some cat videos stand out from the rest and this one certainly does that. The star of the video in question is a gorgeous, heterochromatic-eyed feline named Mia (you can follow her on TikTok at @mmeowmmia).

Mia’s human clearly has a lot of time on her hands and perhaps even more paper cups. And honestly, I’m hoping this was filmed during the Covid lockdown because, really, who has time for the building, the filming the editing?

And honestly, who has so many paper cups? I have no idea how it happened, and it’s honestly not important. Confounding? Yes. Important? No. I don’t know why I mentioned it again, but I digress…

I picture Mia’s human with the cutest little kitty ever and standing there amid all the refuse of parties never thrown wondering what to do, what to do. That’s when the clouds parted and the sun beamed down upon her, and she knew what must happen: She must create the most impressive cat video of all time, replete with theme music. And keep on going, creating a YouTube channel and a TikTok account for Mia

Check it out for yourself:


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♬ оригинальный звук – 🐾 Mia the Cat 🐾