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The top 3 safest countries in the world for 2023 are the Netherlands, Denmark, and Iceland. If you still had doubts that Europe is the place to be, a newly published ranking should put those doubts to rest.

Europe is the safest place to travel in 2023, with 11 out of the top 15 safest places to travel being located on the old continent, according to the recently released Safest Places to Travel in 2023 ranking by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection.

Berkshire Hathaway uses their own traveler surveys to compile the annual ranking, as well as other indices such as peace and safety scores. The ranking takes into account the weather, terrorism, health, and other safety-related reviews from travelers who have been to these places.

Here are the world’s safest countries to travel to in 2023:

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15. Belgium

Belgium wraps up the top as the 15th safest country in the world.

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14. United Kingdom

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13. United Arab Emirates

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12. Ireland

Those in search of spectacular landscapes or curious to see how Guinness is made can put Ireland on their travel list for 2023. Ireland was named the 12th safest place to travel in 2023. Additionally, Ireland was the fourth most sought-after country for moving abroad by Americans in 2022.

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11. Spain

One sunny destination made the list. Popular Spain is the 11th safest country in the world for 2023, a good reassurance for sunseekers and lovers of a truly fun and relaxed place to visit. Spain is one of the most sought-after countries in Europe for both traveling and moving abroad, thanks to its amazing climate, beautiful, culture-rich cities and towns, delicious Spanish cuisine and wonderful lifestyle. Adding safety to its list of best attributes certainly gives Spain an edge over other destinations.

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10. New Zealand

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9. Switzerland

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8. Sweden

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7. Germany

Not surprisingly, Germany and Switzerland secured seventh and ninth place. These two cultures are known for having some of the most rigorous, well-enforced systems of laws and regulations in the world, so you’re sure to feel safe when touring their spectacular sites.

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6. Canada

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5. Norway

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4. Australia

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3. Iceland

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2. Denmark

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1. Netherlands

The Netherlands is the safest country in the world, with very few safety concerns going into the new year. So maybe 2023 is the year to finally go see those gorgeous tulips and famous windmills in person.

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The safest countries in the world for Millennials

In Europe, among the 10 safest countries named by Millennials are the sunshine destinations of Greece and Italy, as well as Germany.

Italy has been a long-time favorite for travel or living abroad, and being named among the safest in the world by millennial travelers is not only well deserved, but it adds an important attribute such as safety to the many reasons to visit or relocate to Italy.

Most people know that Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world but are not very familiar with it beyond that. For those who have had Greece on their travel bucket list, this ranking comes to confirm that it is also one of the safest places in the world. A top vacation destination where Europeans have been spending their summers for decades, Greece has the most hospitable and caring people you will ever meet.

Compared to the overall ranking, Millennials also named China, Japan, and Jamaica among the top ten safest countries in the world.

There were a few surprising choices when you break down the survey by certain respondent categories. For instance, high-income travelers ranked Canada, Denmark and Japan as the top 3 safest countries in the world. Older survey respondents listed Hungary, Australia and Ireland as the top 3 safest countries in the world. Families with children’s top choices in terms of safest countries in 2023 were China, Canada and Belgium.

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