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Those brave few are the social media managers behind some of the world’s largest and most well-known brands. They are the first line of defense against angry fans, disgruntled customers, and the feuds between similar chains.

While some social media accounts stick to pre-approved responses, hum-drum marketing tactics, and rather bland impressions — others rise to the occasion to make a stir with witty banter, memes, and some of the most hilarious interactions. Brand Twitter is a magical place where you can find Wendy’s beefing with other fast-food restaurants, Netflix shading their own movies, and Amazon Prime thirsting over Adam Driver.

There’s nothing dry about Wendy’s humor

Social media managers know how to stir up a little controversy. Whenever a similar brand name makes a new product announcement, gets a little bad publicity, or has their own snarky Twitter commentary, other brands are poised and ready to pounce. Wendy’s happens to be one brand that’s always ready to come after another fast-food chain.

In this case, while the internet was arguing over a newly announced Popeyes chicken sandwich, they came in hot and heavy with their entree. Not to be one-upped, Popeye’s hit back, but Wendy’s was ready to throw down. Take a seat, Popeyes. Wendy’s won.

Who is in the driver’s seat of the Amazon Prime account?

In 2019, Adam Driver was everywhere, and the Amazon Prime account became the #1 Source for thirst posts over Adam Driver. It was pretty obvious that either the social media manager knew how to jump on a popular trend, or they were secretly an Adam Driver fangirl that had been given the login to this brand account.

Regardless of who the mysterious account holder is, the Adam Driver content was on fire from 2019 until 2020.

Tinder really popped off with Pop-Tarts

If you’re looking for love on Tinder and not having anyone good pop-up, never fear because your love life is just as toast as the social media manager behind the Pop-Tarts account. In a little friendly back-and-forth, Tinder and Pop-Tarts conspired together to get people talking about the two polar opposite brands.

Though, Pop-Tart flavor preferences should be considered before you commit to someone. You can’t just date someone who thinks Brown Sugar Cinnamon is the best flavor.

Brand Twitter is a real gas

Oh, Burger King. We haven’t forgiven you for the German marketing scheme that accidentally spoiled the entirety of The Rise of Skywalker weeks before the premiere. But what exactly is this marketing campaign?

Even though it’s a weird campaign, it was certainly a clever one. Burger King tapped into the internet’s obsession with Mason Ramsey (the Walmart Yodeling Kid!) and also talked about an important — methane gas. It was humorous and just bizarre enough that it got people talking.

Triple Frontier, more like Triple Thirst

Amazon Prime isn’t the only streaming brand that lets their social media manager thirst with abandon. If you’ve seen Triple Frontier, I’m sorry. But at least Netflix recognizes what the highlights of this film were. Don’t lie, we all watched this movie for Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac.

This is just one example of the thirsty commentary you can find on the Netflix account. And look, there are a lot of Netflix accounts to cover, and every single one of them has its own unique presence among the Social Media Wars. Some lean into the latest trend, while others interact with fancams and snarky tweets. Regardless of what they’re tweeting, it’s always quality content.

The dictionary would like a word with you

It should come as no surprise that the Merriam Webster Dictionary account has a way with words. Whenever something is going on in the world, the Twitter account is ready with a rebuttal. If a politician makes a grammatical blunder or intentionally deceives, they always tweet away from making biting political commentary with their wordsmithing.

In this tweet, someone tried to claim that a certain word wasn’t a word, but Merriam Webster was on the case.

The man in the moon just wants you to call back, Linda

Maybe MoonPie should check out whatever Pop-Tarts has going on with Tinder because Linda still hasn’t texted them back. But maybe the man in the moon is looking to embrace the “new year, new you” trend. Who needs Linda?

The MoonPie brand isn’t just a delicious snack, but a deliciously hilarious Twitter account to follow. Seriously, for a brand that screams “your grandparent’s favorite dessert,” this brand is always on the up-and-up with snarky comments, relatable social commentaries, and general humor.

Bottom Line

Whether it’s keeping up with the latest internet meme, self-deprecating humor, or wild and wonderful off-beat commentary, Brand Twitter is a truly special corner of Twitter. Snarky social media engagement is one way to keep brands fresh, relatable, and memorable. So, keep it weird brands. We keep coming back for more witty remarks and quirky content!

This is just a small sampling of some of the snarkiest brand accounts tweeting their lives away. Keep your eye out for what your favorite brands are tweeting about, and see if you can jump in on the trend!

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