The weird thing Grace Jones does backstage before shows


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Grace Jones is one of the most iconic faces in the history of pop culture. Unique doesn’t even begin to describe her one-of-a-kind diva-ness. 

Everything about her is solely hers…

Her hair? Tall.

Her style? Avant garde.

Her Leatherette? Warm.

She even shucks her own oysters

But of course she does. It seems absolutely right that the woman who convincingly fought alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Wilt Chamberlain in “Conan the Destroyer,” who was evil Christopher Walken’s evil bodyguard/henchwoman in “A View to a Kill” can handle her own oyster shucking. 

Even at shows. Especially at shows. Fresh oysters and one shucking knife are part of her concert rider (which specifies an artist’s requirements when performing at a venue). She not only wants to shuck her own oysters, but she intentionally creates oyster-heavy situations in which she will be called upon to shuck oysters. 

So, no, we are not one little bit surprised by the mental picture of Grace Jones shucking her own oysters because we know that if there was ever anyone who could make shucking oysters glamorous and cool, it would be the Panther herself. 

Of course it would.

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