These brands get the most online hate in America


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“Don’t give in to hate, Luke. That leads to the dark side.”

You know that quote from the popular Disney-branded Star Wars franchise? 

Obi-Wan was onto something. Just look at Disney. We found that more than a third of tweets about Disney were negative towards the brand, yet Disney share prices rose 125% last year, even with its theme parks closed.

When you give in to hate, your tweets provide free publicity for the dark side (whatever you consider the dark side to be). And the brands we hate the most are often the least vanilla. Better to divide opinion than to inspire no opinion at all!

RAVE Reviews used the research tool SentiStrength to assess over a million brand-related tweets for positive or negative content in the U.S. We calculated the hate rate (% of negative tweets) and ranked the brands by location and category to find the most hated brands in the U.S.

We defined “biggest brands/popular global brands” as those with the highest search volume on Google. We used our findings to find the brands that get the most hate in the U.S.

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We compiled a list of some of the biggest global gaming, fast food, tech brands and ISPs within the UK and US. Using Twitter’s API, we pulled tweets mentioning these brands.

We then used language analysis tool SentiStrength to determine the sentiment of tweets (considering tweets with a negative component from -5 to -2 as negative). Aggregating the data by country and US states, we calculated the % of negative tweets and ranked the brands to reveal the most hated in each region. For all countries, we omitted brands without at least 10 unique users tweeting about them.

You can find a full list of sources online.

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62. Instagram

Negative-tweet percentage: 13.02%

Image Credit: Instagram.

61. Nescafe

Negative-tweet percentage: 16.05%

Image Credit: Nescafe.

60. eBay

Negative-tweet percentage: 18.33%

Image Credit: ebay.

59. Louis Vuitton

Negative-tweet percentage: 20%

Image Credit: Louis Vuitton.

58. Xiaomi

Negative-tweet percentage: 21.28%

Image Credit: Xiaomi.

57. Heineken

Negative-tweet percentage: 21.30%

Image Credit: Heineken.

56. Spotify

Negative-tweet percentage: 22.75%

Image Credit: Spotify.

55. LinkedIn

Negative-tweet percentage: 23.94%

Image Credit: LinkedIn.

54. Adidas

Negative-tweet percentage: 24.46%

Image Credit: Adidas.

53. Mercedes-Benz

Negative-tweet percentage: 25.45%

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz.

52. Land Rover

Negative-tweet percentage: 26.32%

Image Credit: Land Rover.

51. Dell

Negative-tweet percentage: 26.34%

Image Credit: Dell Technologies.

50. Rolex

Negative-tweet percentage: 26.65%

Image Credit: Rolex.

49. Lancôme

Negative-tweet percentage: 26.85%

Image Credit: Lancôme.

48. L’Oréal

Negative-tweet percentage: 27.46%

Image Credit: L’Oréal.

47. Chevrolet

Negative-tweet percentage: 27.5%

Image Credit: Chevrolet.

46. Porsche

Negative-tweet percentage: 27.73%

Image Credit: Porsche.

45. Lexus

Negative-tweet percentage: 27.73%

Image Credit: Lexus.

44. PayPal

Negative-tweet percentage: 28.34%

Image Credit: PayPal.

43. Hyundai

Negative-tweet percentage: 28.54%

Image Credit: Hyundai.

42. Hennessy

Negative-tweet percentage: 29.45%

Image Credit: Hennessy.

41. Budweiser

Negative-tweet percentage: 29.57%

Image Credit: Budweiser.

40. Gucci

Negative-tweet percentage: 29.73%

Image Credit: Gucci.

39. Vodafone

Negative-tweet percentage: 29.79%

Image Credit: Vodafone.

38. Cartier

Negative-tweet percentage: 30.06%

Image Credit: Cartier.

37. Honda

Negative-tweet percentage: 30.31%

Image Credit: Honda.

36. Jack Daniel’s

Negative-tweet percentage: 30.34%

Image Credit: Jack Daniel’s.

35. Chanel

Negative-tweet percentage: 30.38%

Image Credit: Chanel.

34. Audi

Negative-tweet percentage: 30.62%

Image Credit: Audi.

33. YouTube

Negative-tweet percentage: 30.65%

Image Credit: YouTube.

32. NIKE

Negative-tweet percentage: 31.12%

Image Credit: Nike.

31. Samsung

Negative-tweet percentage: 31.23%

Image Credit: Samsung.

30. Pepsi

Negative-tweet percentage: 31.41%

Image Credit: Pepsi.

29. Volkswagen

Negative-tweet percentage: 32.3%

Image Credit: Volkswagen.

28. BMW

Negative-tweet percentage: 32.63%

Image Credit: BMW.

27. Ferrari

Negative-tweet percentage: 32.63%

Image Credit: Ferrari.

26. KFC

Negative-tweet percentage: 33.21%

Image Credit: KFC.

25. Starbucks

Negative-tweet percentage: 33.44%

Image Credit: Starbucks.

24. Amazon

Negative-tweet percentage: 33.55%

Image Credit:

23. IKEA

Negative-tweet percentage: 33.72%

Image Credit: IKEA.

22. Gillette

Negative-tweet percentage: 33.84%

Image Credit: Gillette.

21. Facebook

Negative-tweet percentage: 33.9%

Image Credit: Facebook.

20. Ford

Negative-tweet percentage: 34.07%

Image Credit: Ford.

19. Coca-Cola

Negative-tweet percentage: 34.08%

Image Credit: Coca Cola.

18. Disney

Negative-tweet percentage: 34.32%

Image Credit: Disney.

17. Google

Negative-tweet percentage: 34.4%

Image Credit: Google.

16. Burger King

Negative-tweet percentage: 34.72%

Image Credit: .

15. Huawei

Negative-tweet percentage: 34.89%

Image Credit: Huawei.

14. Apple

Negative-tweet percentage: 34.91%

Image Credit: Apple.

13. Nissan

Negative-tweet percentage: 35.13%

Image Credit: Nissan.

12. Xbox

Negative-tweet percentage: 36.02%

Image Credit: XBox.

11. McDonald’s

Negative-tweet percentage: 36.3%

Image Credit: McDonald’s.

10. Tesla

Negative-tweet percentage: 36.43%

Image Credit: Tesla.

9. Toyota

Negative-tweet percentage: 36.75%

Image Credit: Toyota.


Negative-tweet percentage: 36.84%

Image Credit: ESPN.

7. Nestle

Negative-tweet percentage: 37.07%

Image Credit: Nestle.

6. Red Bull

Negative-tweet percentage: 37.19%

Image Credit: Red Bull.

5. Netflix

Negative-tweet percentage:  39.87%

Image Credit: Netflix.

4. Microsoft

Negative-tweet percentage: 41.57%

Image Credit: Microsoft.

3. Sony

Negative-tweet percentage: 43.86%

Image Credit: Sony.


Negative-tweet percentage: 46.43%

Image Credit: LEGO.

1. Uber

Negative-tweet percentage: 48.35%


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