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Baby monitors today can do much more than let new parents see or hear what happening with their infant while it’s sleeping. Today, monitors can check on a baby’s breathing, movement, heart rate and even oxygen levels, all helped by sensors that pick up on motion and more. They can be installed easily in a nursery, some over a baby’s crib, with some that also let you soothe an infant and play music to help them fall back asleep.

Miku Smart Baby Monitor

The Miku Smart Baby Monitor has a lens, and angles like a camera, but has a monitor that can pick up movement from a baby as well as breathing patterns. The camera sits on a tall stem, and is positioned to keep watch over the crib and does let parents tap into real-time video and audio when they choose.

But Miku also sends alerts, including an alarm, to tell parents when a baby has woken on, and can control features through the app, checking in as well if their child is with a baby-sitter. The baby monitor starts at $399 on Miku’s web site.

Owlet Monitor Duo V3

The Owlet Monitor Duo V3 is a combo wearable and camera with HD video. The wearable, which works with children 5 to 30 pounds, is an actual sock that slips over a child’s foot and has sensors inside, tracking the baby’s heart rate, oxygen level and more. There is a camera as well, which also picks up live video and supports two-way audio so that not only can you hear what’s happening in the room, you can speak to a child as well.

The sock links up to an iOS and Android app, so data can be picked up, including if the sock actually falls off the baby’s foot. The camera itself is best positioned, like Miku, over the baby’s crib and works over WiFi. GearBrain reviewed the Owlet Monitor Duo, which has now been upgraded to V3, and you can purchase one on Owlet’s site for $399.

Cubo AI Plus

Cubo is a baby monitor that doesn’t hang over a crib, nor is worn on an infant. Instead, the security camera includes a sensor that can pick up when a baby moves, and also has a microphone so you can listen in on a baby as it sleeps. The device also lets you play sound into the room, like music or birds chirping — and eight different users can be granted access to the camera, whether that’s parents, a baby sitter or grandparents as well.

Cubo can also tell if a baby has rolled over while sleeping through the artificial intelligence (AI) baked into the system, and has cry detection too. And as a baby grows up, the AI can also tell if a baby has stood up in their crib. GearBrain also reviewed Cubo, and you can buy on Cubo’s web site for $239.

Nanit Plus

Nanit looks very much like Miku, even down to the design. A camera, it records video and also has temperature and humidity sensors to keep tabs on the a room. The camera also lets you listen to audio through a smartphone app.

There’s a wearable that connects to the baby as well, and you can pick form one of three depending on the age of a baby from a sleeping bag, to a swaddle or a simple band. Nanit also has an extra service called a Nanit Insights which allows you to track details the camera captures include sleep tracking. Depending on the level it also lets you expand the users from between 10 to 50 people and is included for free at the basic price for the device which is $349, but the service goes up to $200 a year. You can pick up Nanit on Nanit’s web site.

Lumi by Pampers

Lumi comes courtesy of Pampers, a company known for babies, and monitor also taps into sleep statistics to help parents know how well their infant is doing.

This camera actually sits on a small stand and captures video which parents can watch later, while the small sensor attaches to the outside of the baby’s diaper so it can tell how well an infant has slept, without ever touching their skin. The full bundle with a monitor and sleep system starts at $299.99, and can be purchased on the Lumi by Pampers web site.


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