This guy’s vasectomy care package is hilarious


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Before we jump into our lovely tale, a few vasectomy jokes:

Did you hear about the first doctor to ever perform a vasectomy? 

He really got the ball rolling! 


Said the man after his vasectomy, “I’m not kidding anymore!”


What about the guy who was super confident a vasectomy would change his life? 

It made a vas deferens! (ba-dump-bump-ching!)


Oh, vasectomies! The funniest of all of life’s little procedures … for women. And that’s mostly because it’s the only one of seemingly jillions of procedures on our reproductive anatomy that is not for women. We ladies can get a little overly-excited in our relief, and our gratefulness can take many forms.

For instance, our promised story of the very tongue-in-cheek, though wholly appropriate, mood booster given to Saul Munro by his lovely (and wickedly funny) wife, Lauren, before his vasectomy.

Saul understandably was a little nervous as the date for his procedure loomed, but Lauren couldn’t let such a selfless and all-around good guy suffer for long, so she came up with a fantastic and hysterical idea: She created a pre-vasectomy gift basket.

Lauren altered the names of some of Saul’s very favorite things so they would be in keeping with the vasectomy theme. Sure, she started out with Cheesy Balls and Ginger Nut Cookies.

Easy. But for the rest of the basket she really upped her game.

There were candies and snacks galore with index cards over parts of their names including but not limited to: “Vasectomy Club Crackers,” and the ever-popular, spicy “No More Nuts.” But Lauren wasn’t done.

She also included fun little gifts like a small water gun labeled “Shooting Blanks” and added a card to top it all off on which she drew sperm cells swimming and addressed it to “Saul-y No Balls”

And Saul-y’s reaction?

Well, he laughed his head off!

Check out the hilarity here:

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