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Ready for grilling season? If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably anxious to get your grill going to serve up some hot dogs, hamburgers and other barbecue staples. But after the grub is done, what condiments are you going to put on it or, put more negatively, what aren’t you going to put on it? Harris Poll and Instacart surveyed Americans in 2021 to answer just that question.

Americans hate this condiment

Here is how Americans filled in the blank “hate (…) [the respective sauce] with a passion.”

  • Hot sauce: 24%
  • Relish: 21%
  • Mustard: 17%
  • Mayo: 15%
  • Ranch: 13%
  • BBQ sauce: 11%
  • Ketchup: 10%

According to the results of a survey conducted in June 2021, the most hated condiment by consumers in the United States is hot sauce, with approximately 24 percent of respondents indicating that they hate hot sauce. In second place was relish, which was hated by around 21 percent of respondents.


Statista used data from a survey by Harris Poll and Instacart. The survey was conducted June 24-28, 2021, and 2,013 adult Americans responded to the survey. You can find more information here.


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