This rad ’70s childhood video will make you nostalgic


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This is not a video. It is a time machine with engines purring and gages trilling. It will take you on a fantastical journey to yesteryear, where Avocado and Harvest Gold-tinged memories lie about like so many abandoned jacks waiting for us to walk through barefooted. 

There is no story. There is no plot. It is simply a compilation of slides, but it is quite likely you will never see a more powerful grouping of slides. These slides are the essential nuggets buried in our brains that define, absolutely define, the 1970s … Well, it defines it for those of us who were under five feet tall in the ‘70s.

This TikTok offers just brief, seconds-long glimpses from a childhood full of wood paneling and carpet so shag you could braid it. It brings the viewer quick glances at miniscule, unimportant stuff, like Fruit Stripe Gum, which, as we all know, is its own food group and is delicious for about three minutes before it becomes petrochemical flavored plastic. 

There are also Romper Stompers, the upside-down yellow buckets you stood on and used green plastic cords to hold onto (Oh! We felt so tall and willowy, and by that, I mean horribly, horribly unsafe). You also see Holly Hobby (who legit had no face and that’s creepy), Tiger Beat, Spirograph and so many more childhood classics. These small things were the ‘70s. They were what built that world. Made it home. 

This video is simple. It took no time to make. There are no special effects or witty word play. It’s just a bunch of stuff that means more than we can put words to as adults, stuff that can only be truly appreciated by children. 

We are those children, and this is a simple, lovely, reminiscent look back at what mattered to us. 

Find your rainbow suspenders, your Yo-Yo shoes and get your ‘70s on here.

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