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What could be cooler than (nearly) getting banned by the president? That’s where the video-sharing social network TikTok found itself in late 2020. But the ban never happened, and TikTok’s 100 million American users continue to consume bite-sized videos, contributing to a $35 billion annual revenue for TikTok’s owners, ByteDance Ltd.

Still, Bytedance aren’t the only ones who held their breath waiting to see if the ban would occur. The app’s users are also making a buck from TikTok. A generation of young TikTokers has adopted that look of calm authority shared by millionaire influencers across the platforms, their features digitally smoothed, like emojis with visible roots. And RaveReviews has identified 62 of them who made a six-figure-plus income from the app in 2020.

How do TikTokers make their money? In old talk: advertising. In today’s words: influencing. Companies pay TikTok stars up to $0.005 per follower for product placement and sponsored posts. We’ve taken that figure and multiplied it by the number of followers and ads for nearly 100 top TikTokers in 2020. Here is RaveReviews’ guide to TikTok’s highest earners.

Image Credit: Charli D’Amelio / TikTok.

Top 3 TikTokers Earn $53M from Ads

The top three TikTok earners rake in more than the next 10 combined. But there is plenty to go around. We found 83 TikTokers earning five figures or more from ads, including 39 on six figures, and 23 who earned $1 million-plus in 2020 alone.

Image Credit: LeoPatrizi/istockphoto.

23. Rod Contreras

Image Credit: Rod Contreras / TikTok.

22. Kimberly Loaiza

Image Credit: Kimberly Loaiza / TikTok.

21. Jayden Croes

Image Credit: Jayden Croes / TikTok.

20. Abby Roberts


Image Credit: Abby Roberts / TikTok.

19. Lauren Godwin


Image Credit: Lauren Godwin / TikTok.

18. Brent Rivera


Image Credit: Brent Rivera / TikTok.

17. Bella Poarch


Image Credit: Bella Poarch / TikTok.

16. Jason Coffee


Image Credit: Jason Coffee / TikTok.

15. David Dobrik


Image Credit: David Dobrik / TikTok.

14. Zach King


Image Credit: Zach King / TikTok.

13. Gilmher Croes


Image Credit: Gilmher Croes / TikTok.

12. Noah Beck


Image Credit: Noah Beck / TikTok.

11. Demi Bagby


Image Credit: Demi Bagby / TikTok.

10. Spencer Polanco Knight / Spencer X


Image Credit: Spencer Polanco Knight / Spencer X / TikTok.

9. Q Park


Image Credit: Q Park / TikTok.

8. Loren Gray


Image Credit: Loren Gray / TikTok.

7. Dixie D’Amelio

Image Credit: Dixie D’Amelio / TikTok.

6. Kira Kosarin


Image Credit: Kira Kosarin / TikTok.

5. Avani Gregg

Image Credit: Avani Gregg / TikTok.

4. Joe Albanese

Image Credit: Joe Albanese / TikTok.

3. Addison Rae

Image Credit: Addison Rae / TikTok.

2. Charli D’Amelio

Image Credit: Charli D’Amelio / TikTok.

1. Michael Le

Image Credit: Michael Le / TikTok.

Michael Le and Bella Poarch At Opposite Extremes of Advertising

Michael Le may be the highest earner, but he’s only the eighth-most followed TikToker in our study. He makes it to the top of the earnings list by virtue of making significantly more sponsored posts than anybody else: 92, next to second-placed Joe Albanese’s 62. Albanese made just shy of $9M from ads in 2020, despite having ‘only’ 28m followers.

Bella Poarch is the million-dollar TikToker who made the fewest ads. The 20-year-old (or is she older?) scored the biggest viral hit of 2020 with her expertly face-choreographed ‘M to the B’ lip-sync. But Poarch restrained herself to just seven sponsored posts, earning around $1,907,500.

TikTok has made a major splash on the social media and influencer landscapes. By extending the popular formula of the 6-second Vine to 15 seconds or more, TikTok caters to today’s goldfish attention spans but leaves more room to share a message – such as an ad. Impressed by the numbers? Get TikTokking!

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Methodology and Sources

We researched the 50 most followed TikTok accounts and the most followed for each key TikTok category using online resources like Social Tracker and Influencer Marketing Hub.

Next we scraped all the videos each TikToker published in 2020 and extracted the hashtags and mention tags from those videos. We labelled all tags as commercial or non-commercial (for example, #ad is a commercial tag) and calculated the number of ads per TikToker in 2020.

Following the Guardian’s estimation that TikTok stars could be paid up to $0.005 per follower for sponsored posts, we calculated how much each TikToker could charge for one commercial video and finally calculated total earnings by multiplying cost per post and total number of ads.

The data was collected in January 2021.




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