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Dolly Parton has long been someone to admire. Her talent, her charity work, her kindness and intelligence (not to mention she has written some of the greatest songs of our collective experience) have all made her the point of much admiration, and deservedly so.

But not everyone over the years has treated her with the respect she deserves. In a 1977 interview with Barbara Walters, Dolly takes the Barbara barbs with grace and seeming effortlessness when the questions get pointed — and more than a little insulting.

Walters, known for the celebrity interviews, can seemingly get anyone to open up and spill their innermost secrets with her insightful, though occasionally odd, questions (we all remember that “If you were a tree” nonsense in her 1981 interview with Katherine Hepburn, right?).

But, in this interview with Parton, Walters seems to have thrown her usual interviewing style out the proverbial window for something a little more judgmental and kinda mean, honestly.

Walters asks Parton about all sorts of personal — did I say personal? I mean PERSONAL — info about not only her life and work, but about her body, hair and fashion choices as well. At one point, Walters actually asks if Parton “developed” early and if her “assets” are real.

But wait, it gets better. You may not believe the question she asks that gets the ever-so-generous and kind Parton to respond  “Yes, but I’d kick you in the shin.”

Go Dolly!

Through it all, Parton remains the true icon we know and love. Ever the embodiment of grace and country class, she teaches us to rise above the hate and, in so doing, becomes the very definition of self respect and quiet (but bubbly) confidence. In other words, Dolly is Dolly, as she always flawlessly is, and we wouldn’t want her any other way.

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