Watching this guy detail this filthy minivan is deeply satisfying


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People are cleaning stuff up. Hard.

Maybe it was the Pandemic that got people so motivated to clean and organize. Sure we all washed our hands 35 times a day during The Dark Times, but some people seriously got busy. I will confess that my hands were about the only thing I got serious about cleaning during that time. Too busy lolling about on my vintage fainting couch, which I have never actually fainted on. Do people even faint anymore?

You might when you see the results of this minivan makeover.

This video entitled perfectly illustrates my point. It starts with a minivan so covered in dirt and filth inside and out you can hardly believe it. It is the perfect canvas for some serious auto detailing.

Watching the 20-hour process sped up to a mere 36 minutes is soothing, calming, relaxing to watch. Slowly, we see the minivan emerge from its dirt encrusted cocoon, and the detailer just doesn’t stop, not for a minute!

He makes that puppy shine!

It’s amazing.

Take a little time to satisfy your traumatized brain here: