You won’t believe what happens to the leftovers on ‘Great British Bake Off’

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There is no room for debate. The Great British Bake Off is wildly popular, and with so many people following the series every season there are bound to be questions from the show’s strong fan base.

We feel people’s natural curiosity should be encouraged, especially dessert related curiosity, so get ready for a piping hot serving of positive reinforcement, wrapped in a flakey buttery pastry, served with raspberry jam and clotted cream, hold the treacle.

The question? Simple: What do they do with all the leftover deliciousness?

Believe it or not, even cakes, pies, trifles and tarts, no matter how fabulous, get old when you have 20 of them to taste. And while the cast and crew are free to hit the leftover table when the cameras go off (I’m picturing a frenzied kind of Animal House food fight vibe even if they are British) and they do, but sometimes even they can’t finish all the delicious goodness so… host Prue Leith takes the leftovers home and feeds them to the pigs she raises. That’s according to some “gossip” shared by co-host Noel Fielding on BBC 4’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year show.

British pigs that are always clean and pink and have ribbons tied around their necks, looking perfect in their grassy green enclosures noshing on perfect pastries with a trough of Earl Grey close at hand, I’m sure. There aren’t actual pics but I’m certain my imaginings are totally accurate.

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