Why is Kim Kardashian posing in just a bikini & motorcycle helmet?


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Life is hard, even for folks like Kim Kardashian. No matter how much you hope, plan and dream, it can still blindside you, and before you know it you are embroiled in a nasty celebrity divorce with a performer known for his personal…ummm…inconsistencies, and your new man is all, “I’m going to space!” “I’m not going to space!” and then there are the kids whining and making demands at the nanny all day.

It can do your head in.

Seriously, a woman can get caught up in this totally typical and not-at-all bizarre set of circumstances and really start to lose sight of who she is. And this loss of connection to self can be emotionally devastating. It’s a tragic downward spiral.

But, rest assured that Kim Kardashian is OK. Yeah, it was tough for a minute or two there, but the newly declared single Kardashian has gone deep into her emotional comfort box and turns out she still had a couple of coping tools knocking around there…and bikinis. A lot of bikinis.

If you can’t read the universe’s message in that then you are just not trying.

A wise woman listens to the universe.  The universe told Kim Kardashian that it was time for some bikini pics and Kim Kardashian does not ignore the universe.

So, I share with you these very healing and wrought-with-emotion new pics of the queen of the Kardashian clan in a sleek black bikini looking absolutely beautiful as always. The motorcycle helmet is unexpected, though perhaps we should just read it as a metaphor for her preparation for life’s unseen bumps and wipeouts.

I’m certain that’s how she meant it.