Would you hire Pamela Anderson as your dog walker?


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Pamela Anderson is having a moment, and she deserves it. 

Anderson has had a hard career.  Plagued by scandal and rocked by drama, the actress has seemingly never been far from the front of public consciousness. 

She has paid her dues over and over with iconic roles such as CJ from “Baywatch” and her turn as Barb Wire. Anderson more than deserves her current role, and it’s a big one, on Broadway as “Chicago’s’ own femme fatal,” (or at least one of them) Roxie Hart. It’s an amazing career boost for her, and we are glad to see it, but it’s the things Anderson is not doing on the stage, as always, that make us love her. 

Anderson has always, no matter how flamboyant her roles have been, maintained an innocence. She has always been gorgeous beyond belief, but it’s her real life girlness that has kept her so relevant for 33 years. 

And now that she’s enjoying Broadway success, is she still ultimately the sweet girl next door?

Oh, yes. Yes, she is.  

You see, Anderson had to temporarily relocate to New York City for the role of Roxie, and when she hopped from the left coast to the right, she had to leave her beloved animals, especially her four dogs, at home.

I know. Crushing. The babies….

But Anderson has handled the separation with the usual optimism and grace that makes her so unique among Hollywood types. 

She is spectacularly, wonderfully moonlighting on her Broadway gig as a dog walker

It’s true. 

Taking daily walks on her own in Central Park, Anderson had an idea. She asked her personal assistant if she knew of anyone in the city with a dog in need of having a glamorous, world-famous actress escort them through the park daily. 

Fortunately, her assistant did, and that’s how Pamela met new friend Dash the Irish Setter, and after some shock and surprise from his owners after the first day Anderson came to Dash up for their walk, they have since slipped into a routine and an easy camaraderie. 

And both of them are much the better for it. 

Anderson’s Broadway and dog walking gigs stretch through the first week of June. Get the skinny on Roxie Hart and Dash the doggie here.

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