Your furry friend’s holiday wish list can help feed shelter pets—here’s how


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If your furry friend is already making their holiday wish list this year, they can help out a shelter pet in need by submitting it to pet company Chewy’s “Letters to Chewy Claus” program.

Back for the second year, Chewy is asking pets across the country to submit their holiday wish list to Chewy Claus. For every list submitted now through Dec. 15, Chewy will donate one pound of food to a non-profit animal charity, up to 200,000 pounds.

Pets with a home can have their human help them create the wish list, but shelter pets can also create one with the help of a shelter or rescue worker. All pets are encouraged to make a wish list, from dogs and cats to lizards, birds and everything in between.

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While every list equals a donation, Chewy will also be selecting up 20,000 pets who make a wish list to receive a $10 gift and up to five pets may get a $10,000 present.

To create a free wish list, just visit Chewy’s website and add anything from a comfy bed to new toys and treats. If your pet has everything they need, they can choose not to add a gift to their list and instead ask Chewy Claus to send an extra pound of food to pets in need.

If you’re looking to add a four-legged friend to your family this holiday season, you can adopt a dog for free Thanksgiving weekend thanks to Pedigree’s first-ever Shelter Sunday.

Simply visit your local shelter or rescue organization on Sunday, Nov. 26 and adopt a dog. Then head to Pedigree’s website from Nov. 28-Dec. 22 to submit your receipt. The adoption fee will be covered for one dog per household up to $200.

What is on your pet’s wish list this holiday season?

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