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Finding the right gift for friends and family is not always easy! It is often helpful to consider hobbies and interests to narrow focus, and if you know someone who owns an RV and loves to travel, then this is the article for you! We will cover a variety of gift card options to help them on their next trip, with something for everyone. 

Not sure what’s the best gift card for RV travelers? No worries! In this article, we will cover:

  • Gift cards for gas
  • Gift cards for clothes
  • Gift cards for food

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1. L.L. Bean

A gift card for travelers who venture into inclement weather

Buy an L.L. Bean gift card

An outdoor recreation products company, L.L. Bean has a catalog comprised of a range of impressive products that range from camping gear to technical backpacks and accessories. L.L. Bean manufactures its products to ensure your comfort in any weather. 

Many RV travelers also love to camp, and there’s no better place to purchase camp supplies than L.L. Bean. They have a store that’s fully stocked with everything your friend may need. If you know they’ve been to L.L. Bean in the past, then this is the perfect option! If not, we recommend asking about their preferences for clothing and camping stores! We will cover a few in this article, but there are many more out there. With a quick question, you can proceed confidently, knowing that you’re providing the best gift card possible. 

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2. Columbia

A gift card for outdoorsmen

Buy a Columbia Sportswear gift card

Columbia is another excellent clothing seller that specializes in apparel. You can get your friend a Columbia gift card so they can pick out a new favorite hiking jacket. Columbia has something for everyone. 

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3. Bass Pro Shops

A gift card for fishermen

Buy a Bass Pro Shops gift card

RV travelers may prioritize exciting places to fish! If they like to fish then this card is perfect. There are certainly many RV travelers who don’t fish, but if you know one that does then a gift card to Bass Pro Shops is a surefire way to show your appreciation. Bass Pro Shops provides equipment for fishing, hunting, and camping. They have everything, so your friend is sure to go into his next outdoor excursion prepared for just about anything nature can throw at him. 

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4. The North Face

Exploration is a Part of Human Nature

Any RV traveler who participates in regular camping excursions knows the importance of preparation. Missing one or two crucial items can be all the difference between having the time of your life and experiencing the unfiltered brutality of mother nature, so always take proper measures to prepare yourself with essential camping equipment. 

If you’re new to the camping scene and aren’t sure where to start, try beginning with appropriate attire. The North Face is an American outdoor recreation company that produces their own brand of quality outdoor clothing, footwear, and related accessories to encourage exploration and discovery. 

The North Face has an extensive clothing catalog that will keep any wilderness explorer comfortable and safe throughout the year whether there’s rain, snow, or sunshine. Find insulated winter jackets, windbreakers to beat off bad weather, raincoats to keep you dry, warm fleece, hiking apparel, durable duffle bags, expertly crafted sleeping bags, and anything else an eager camper might need to keep them going. 

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5. Sportsman’s Warehouse

For the Hunters

Buy a Sportsman’s Warehouse gift card

Let’s deviate from the mainstream camping trends and look at another area of outdoor recreation: game hunting. 

While not every camper is eager to pick up a weapon and shoot for sport, there are certainly a large number of individuals who have a passion for the hobby. And to provide for all your hunting needs, Sportsman’s Warehouse is an unrivaled prime shopping destination.

Operating all across the United States, Sportsman’s Warehouse makes stocking up on the latest outdoor gear as simple as a trip to the grocery store. Find all the equipment you need for fishing, hunting, camping, boating, and even outdoor cooking. Don’t forget to browse their wide selection of clothes and footwear, either. 

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6. Patagonia

Take Care of the Planet While You Shop

Outdoor sporting and camping often go hand-in-hand, and while not every camper is an avid participant of intense athletic feats, it’s generally a good idea to keep stocked up on the proper attire fit for any outdoor occasion. 

Patagonia blends quality fashion with a commitment to appreciating and caring for the natural world. Though known primarily as a retailer of outdoor clothing, Patagonia was founded with a mission to give back to the planet and acts as a large environmental activist. 

To further demonstrate their dedication to these values, Patagonia employs a one percent self-imposed Earth tax on all of their sales, which is used to support local environmental nonprofits working to defend air, land, and water worldwide. 

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7. Airbnb

A gift card for a room off wheels

Buy an Airbnb gift card

This gift card is for the times where RV living loses some of its glamor. There are certainly times when a stay in a regular room would be an amazing change of pace from the routine RV living. We think Aribnb belongs on this list because it could be a great addition to any roadtrip. They can book the place in advance and get some well-earned R&R at their Airbnb in the middle of the trip. 

Airbnbs are available all over the country and there are a lot of very affordable places around vacation destinations

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7. Prepaid Visa Gift Cards

A gift card for anything they want 

Buy a Visa gift card

Prepaid Visa gift cards are always a good gift. Visa gift cards are great ways to carry money around, especially when you are going places you might not want to take your whole wallet, like a hike or out on a lake, for instance! Visa gift cards are so versatile that one with a good chunk of change is all they need when exploring the world. 

The one problem with this pragmatic gift is that nothing about it means that they have to spend on their travels, so you run the risk of it becoming a rather mundane gift that they use to buy groceries or something. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course! 

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8. Uber Eats

A gift card for a meal delivered to your campsite

Buy an Uber Eats gift card

Traveling around the country, your friend will likely have to make food-related sacrifices. They will either be eating in a lot of restaurants and diners or cooking in their RV or around the campsite. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with that! But, especially on longer trips, there may come a time when they want a change of pace from their normal fare. That’s when an Uber Eats gift card comes in! 

Uber Eats gift cards are super easy to use and store. The recipient adds them to their Uber Eats account, and they automatically reduce the cost of their next order. Thinking about gift cards for RV travelers, an Uber Eats card (or DoorDash, Grubhub, etc.) can keep their mind open to the possibility of, at the end of a long day of traveling, ordering a delivery meal to their campsite or motel. That could be a lot of fun! And when they do they will receive a discount, courtesy of you. 

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9. Spotify

A gift card for the long drives ahead for RV travelers

Buy a Spotify gift card

Music, podcasts, and more are available for Spotify’s many members. RV travelers face hours and hours of travel on the road, and music is an unbeatable companion as the miles roll by. If you know that they use Spotify regularly, this is a sure bet for a great gift card for RV travelers.

They are able to use your card to pay for their membership for a couple of months and we are certain that they’d be happy to see that expense disappear for a bit. They will think of you as the next episode of their favorite podcast comes up and when they make a new playlist! 

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10. PetSmart

A gift card for food, toys, and everything you need on the road

Buy a PetSmart gift card 

PetSmart is full of toys, beds, food, bowls, and much more! You cannot go wrong with a gift card to PetSmart, as the options are just about endless. If your friend has a pet they bring on the road, then a PetSmart gift card is perfect. They can order the essentials before the trip and ensure they have everything they need to treat their pet like royalty as they travel through the states. 

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