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Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. You’ve got to pick a date, send save the dates, invitations. Deal with guests requesting to bring 20 plus ones? There’s buying the rings, choosing the dress and tux, managing the wedding party, booking vendors… and if you want to make sure you get gifts that you actually need (considering most couples these days combine households long before the wedding) and will actually like (looking at you, Aunt Ida with your tie dye cat crafts) you’ve got to make a wedding registry too.

So let’s take a deep breath. We’re here to help take some of the stress off. If you’re totally clueless about what is appropriate to put on a wedding registry – traditional or not – we’ve gathered up some gift ideas to get you started. We’ve included all sorts of options, like:

  • Cash and good-as-cash gifts like gift cards and honeymoon fund donations
  • Traditional wedding gifts you might actually want to receive
  • Experience you can share with your new husband or wife

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1 – Kitchen Gadgets

Now Is The Time to Request the Kitchen Aid Mixer of Your Dreams

When it comes to building your wedding registry, kitchen gadgets are a savvy choice that sets you up for all kinds of culinary adventures as a couple. They not only streamline meal preparation and make it more efficient than ever to cook, but can also inspire you to make new meals that you’d never thought to make before. And when you consider cooking is something you have to do every day several times a day for the next several decades, finding ways to keep it interesting or make it more convenient is a must.

From multifunctional appliances to innovative utensils, each tool brings something else to the table (haha). When you cook together, it’s not only a way of boding with your partner but a way to make sure you’re eating nutritious meals that will support you both being happy and healthy well into your golden years.

Not sure what kind of kitchen gadgets to put on a registry? Here are some of our must-haves:

  • Waffle Maker: Picture waking up together on a Sunday morning. Does it smell like fluffy Belgian Waffles?
  • Dutch Oven: This versatile kitchen tool goes from stovetop to oven for easy, one pot meals perfect for any busy weeknight
  • Storage Container Set: Start off your marriage organized with a set of matching glass storage containers
  • Instant Pot: While not for everyone, the Instant Pot is a wedding registry staple perfect for pressure cooking, slow cooking, sautéing, and more.
  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer: This will become a family heirloom and one of the most used appliances in your kitchen when you also get attachments like the pasta roller and cutter, meat grinder, and food processor attachment.
  • Air Fryer: All the delicious crispiness of fried foods without the deep fat fryer that’s detrimental to  your health.
  • Espresso Machine: Fuel up for the day ahead (and avoid snapping at each other while waiting for a whole pot of coffee to brew) with a convenient and cost effective espresso machine
  • Popover Tins: Very specific, but not very expensive. If you’ve never had a popover (aka Yorkshire Pudding) you’ll want to add it to your weekend morning menu.

With these essentials in your kitchen arsenal, you’ll be ready to create all sorts of delicious culinary creations with your new spouse.

For the alternative that won’t crack you or your new spouse’s back trying to carry it into your home, ask people to text a HomeGoods gift card so you can have it delivered to your door instead.

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2 – Luxe Bedding

Upgrade Your Bridal Bed With Hotel Quality Sheets, Comforters, and Pillows

Including luxury bedding on your wedding registry is an easy way to elevate the comfort and coziness of your newlywed nest. Quality bedding not only enhances the aesthetic of your bedroom but also ensures restful nights of sleep, setting the foundation for a refreshed start to each day together. 

From plush pillows to silky-soft sheets and sumptuous comforters, each item helps make your bedroom a serene sanctuary where you can unwind and recharge amidst the hustle and bustle of wedding planning and everyday life. Here are some must-have luxury bedding items to consider adding to your registry:

  • Premium Pillows: Supportive pillows crafted from luxurious materials for optimal comfort and neck alignment.
  • Hotel-Quality Sheets: Silky-smooth sheets with a high thread count for a decadent sleeping experience.
  • Elegant Comforter: Plush comforters filled with hypoallergenic down or alternative materials for warmth and style.

With these indulgent bedding essentials, you’ll transform your bedroom into a haven of tranquility and romance, perfect for inspiring sweet dreams.

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3 – Travel Gift Cards

One Way to Fund Your Honeymoon is To Ask For Gift Cards for Hotels, Car Rentals, and Flights

Have all the pots and pans you need already? You can also add gift cards for travel-related purchases to your registry to make that dream trip to Paris a little closer to reality. But how do you ask for travel gift cards without sounding gauche? It can honestly be pretty simple. Try something like:

“Married life will be its own adventure, and we’re kick starting the journey with a trip! We would be so grateful if you could contribute to our honeymoon fund.”

“Our life together has already begun,

And we have all the gadgets under the sun,

So if you’d like to send us a gift,

Donate to our travel fund to give us a lift!”

“After the wedding, we will be heading off on a romantic honeymoon! If you wish to give a gift, we would be thrilled to receive a contribution to our honeymoon fund. Thank you!”

The basic formula is simple clear request + gratitude = great travel fund request

You can also invite guests to participate by gifting you a gift card or balance: 

Also request travel accessories from the big (new luggage sets) to the small (neck pillows and airplane-friendly snacks).

Get yourself a digital merchant gift card in seconds by following the link!

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4 – Dinnerware Sets

The Classic Wedding Registry Gift

Serving dishes, silverware, and flatware have been a part of wedding registries and wedding gifts for generations. Head to your local department store, and they should be able to help you get this classic request on your registry!

Drop some hints – if they text a Macy’s gift card, you can finish up shopping for your bridal homeware sets yourself.

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5 – Upgrade Your Bathroom

Linens and Bathmats and New Hardware Galore

Upgrade your bathroom experience with luxurious linen essentials for your wedding registry. Elevate your daily routine with soft towels, plush bath mats, and cozy robes. Here are some must-have items to consider:

  • Egyptian cotton bath towels
  • Memory foam bath mat
  • Stone-style anti-slip shower mat

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6 – Matching Sets

His and Hers PJs, Robes, Towels, and Even Undergarments

Matching sets might seem cringe… until you’ve got an excuse to enjoy them! They are perfect for cozy evenings and lazy mornings. Consider adding matching bathrobes, pajamas, and even couples’ loungewear like MeUndies. Up your relaxation game and create lasting memories together with these cute coordinated registry essentials.

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7 – Share an Experience

Concert Tickets, Sporting Events, Amusement Parks, and More

Not all couples are cut from the same cloth. Let them get you something you’ll really enjoy doing together to build memories as newlyweds. That can mean NFL tickets if you’re sporty, concerts if you love to rock out, or a standup show where you can lol with the love of your life.

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8 – Hammock for Outside Snuggles

Perfect for Couples with Their Own Home

Step outside and enjoy the great outdoors with your new spouse. Put a hammock on your wedding registry to read together, play music, or just gaze at the stars.

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9 – Cash

To Put Towards Any of Your Goals, Whether It’s Buying a House or Starting a Family

Asking for cash can feel awkward, but most people understand how expensive this season of your life can get. They won’t be offended if you ask for a donation in lieu of gifts or give them the option instead of the physical gifts on your registry.

If you’re struggling with how to ask for cash for your wedding, consider these phrasings for your wedding website or save the dates:

“We’re saving for our dream home! We would be so thankful if you want to contribute to our down payment.”

“Litte [last names] are on the horizon! We have everything we need for our home but would like to start saving for our future children’s education. Thank you for your generosity, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you!”

“We would be thrilled to receive cash gifts as we start our new life together. A contribution towards our honeymoon, new home, or future children would mean the world to us. Thank you in advance!”

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10 – Visa

Create Something They Can Use Anywhere Just for Them

A customized Visa gift card is always a good option, especially if you want the flexibility of cash with all the convenience of a credit card. Friends and family can customize digital or physical gift cards with a message and photo, or they can choose a predesigned option.

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