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Buying a wedding gift can always be a little bit of a pain. You can always shop off their registry, but that doesn’t always have the same heartfelt nature as a great gift you pick out yourself. The hard part is picking out a gift that both members of the couple are both going to like. So today I have a list of great wedding gift options if the couple is outdoors and loves to be out in nature. If they like hiking, camping, backpacking, kayaking, or just generally exploring the great outdoors together then I have some great wedding gift ideas for them. 

And while some of these gifts are quite extravagant, I tried to make sure there were gift options on here for people on any type of budget so that way everyone can find a great wedding gift for their outdoorsy couple.

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1 – A Two Person Sleeping Bag

A Great Wedding Gift for An Outdoorsy Couple

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Since they are an “outdoorsy couple” I’m guessing there’s a pretty good chance they like to go camping together from time to time. There are few ways to connect as a couple better than to really get out into the wild and spend a night camping together. It’s just the two of you with nobody else around for miles. You can totally just be yourselves and talk about whatever you want to when you are out camping as a couple. 

Help them close off their incredible night of talking and staring at the stars by getting them a two person sleeping bag. That way when it’s finally time for bed they can curl up in a sleeping bag that still lets them snuggle up and sleep together as a couple. Which will just make their camping trip all the more nice because of it. I think this one is a great way to celebrate their wedding, but also get them an outdoorsy gift they’ll love.

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2 – A New Two Person Tent

A Great Gift for An Outdoorsy Couple That Likes to Camp

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If they do love to camp together as an outdoorsy activity then another great gift you can get for them is a two person tent that they can share. But I am a tall person and I can tell you that how many people a tent says it fits does not mean how many it fits comfortably. So because of that I really think you should get the couple a 3 or 4 person tent. And so that way when they are out camping they have plenty of extra room in the tent for any backpacks and shoes, and they might even have room to blow up an air mattress in a tent meant for that many people. 

This will all around make their camping experience that much better. And I think this tip is extra true if the couple both happen to be tall. If they are both over five nine then a two person tent won’t be enough. This is another one that I think celebrates their marriage along with their outdoorsy lifestyle. And this one is like the more expensive version of the two person sleeping bag.

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3 – Bass Pro Shop

A Great Place to Find A Wide Selection of Outdoorsy Gifts for the Couple

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Bass Pro Shops is the country’s leading retailer when it comes to everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors. They have everything you need to be outdoorsy no matter if you like hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, or canoeing. If you love the great outdoors then Bass Pro Shops is gonna have a great option for you. So you can surely find your outdoorsy couple something great here. Maybe new kayak paddles. Or maybe a matching set of fishing poles, or even a matching set of hiking boots. There’s all kinds of great gift ideas you can get for an. Outdoorsy couple at Bass Pro Shops!

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4 – A Two Person Kayak

A Great Wedding Gift for An Outdoorsy Couple That Loves to Be Out On the Water

If they love to be out on the water then you aren’t going to be able to beat this one as a wedding gift for an outdoorsy couple. But I’ll warn you up front, this one is not cheap. A good tandem kayak can run you well over $1,000. So only go with this one if you are going for a big extravagant gift that you know they’ll love. I can personally say that I’ve kayaked in separate kayaks from my girlfriend, and I’ve kayaked in a tandem kayak with her and the tandem kayak was way more fun. It feels like something you are actually doing together. So I think this makes a great wedding gift for an outdoorsy couple but only if you’re willing to throw down the money on it.

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5 – Check Etsy for Some Good Outdoor Gifts

You Can Find Some Great Nature Inspired Gifts On Here

You can find lots of good outdoorsy gifts on Etsy. And the nice thing about Etsy is that they will even customize a lot of gift options. So you might be able to find an outdoorsy gift that is personalized to the newly weds. And that adds a whole extra type of specialness to the gift when it’s the only one like that in the world. But overall I think Etsy makes a good place to find a wedding gift for an outdoorsy couple when you don’t want to get them camping equipment or hiking boots. It gives you a chance to find them something a bit more formal that still celebrates their outdoorsy lifestyle!

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6 – A Campfire Loveseat

Perfect for an Outdoorsy Couple That Love to Sit By the Fire

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If they are the type of outdoorsy couple that love sitting around a campfire together then I think this one makes for a really fun gift. It’s an unfoldable camping chair that services as a love seat that they can both sit in. Which is really nice whether they like sitting around a fire in the backyard or off on some camping trip together. Either way, with this gift the newly weds will be able to sit and snuggle around the fire while they chat and stare at the night sky. And it’s another one that celebrates them as a couple, but also encourages their outdoorsy nature.

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7 – A Campsite Coffee Maker

Great for Couples Who Love to Camp, But Are No Good Without Their Coffee

This makes a great wedding gift for an outdoorsy couple if you are trying to get something for a reasonable price. It’s a coffee maker they can use right at the campsite so that way after a night of camping they can still wake up with the hot cup of coffee they need to start their day.

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8 – REI: Recreational Equipment Incorporated

An Amazing Place to Find A Wedding Gift for An Outdoorsy Couple

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If you haven’t noticed, like half the gifts on the list today came from REI. Which stands for Recreational Equipment Incorporated. So not only do you know that they have great gifts for sale, they are also the nation’s largest consumer co-operative and they put sustainability at the forefront of their mission. So you can find a great wedding gift here for your outdoorsy couple and still feel really good about the dollar you spent because it supports such a forward-thinking company.

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9 – Amazon

Choose From Millions of Options to Find the Perfect Outdoor Gift for Your Couple

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Amazon has over 12 million different items for sale so I am sure you can find a great wedding gift for your outdoorsy couple on here. However, I would really try to support a business like Etsy or REI before you spend your dollar at Amazon, but that’s just my two cents. If you need a gift and you need it fast you really can’t beat their delivery times.

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10 – Visa

This Visa Card Will Be Handy to Have On Them When They Go Out Exploring

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I think one of the Visa gift cards makes a good addition to a wedding gift that you’ve gotten an outdoorsy couple. I wouldn’t make this your whole gift but you can add it on top of one of the other gifts just as a little something extra. But these Visa gift cards are nice for an outdoorsy couple cause they can be used anywhere that accepts Visa. So if they like to go off exploring in the woods or in the state and national parks then there’s gonna come a time when they need to buy something they forgot to pack. And with one of these Visa gift cards you’ll have them covered!

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There You Have 10 Wedding Gift Ideas for An Outdoorsy Couple!

I tried to find outdoorsy gifts that were something the couple could literally share together. I think options like a two person sleeping bag or a tandem kayak make a really great choice. Really anything that they can enjoy hiking or camping together is going to be a good bet. But I also wanted to make sure there was a variety of different price points of gifts on the list so that way there would be an outdoorsy wedding gift for anybody on any type of budget. But no matter which gift you go with I am sure your outdoorsy couple will be thrilled with the wedding gift you choose for them!

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