15 best US cities for job seekers


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There are many factors that go into making a city the “best” for job seekers. Some things are intangible, like museums, beaches or a community’s vibe. But many of a city’s qualities are easier to measure and analyze.

MoneyGeek took a look at a number of factors — including job and wage growth and housing affordability — to find the best and worst cities for job growth in the U.S.

If you’re unemployed or looking for a job and thinking of moving to a new state — perhaps in search of a more affordable mortgage or lower cost of living — you’ll want to take a look at our list of the 15 best U.S. cities for job seekers in 2022.

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15. Portland, Oregon

Overall Score: 59.1

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  59.8

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  37.2

Housing Affordability: 30.1

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14. Salt Lake City, Utah

Overall Score:  59.3

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages): 53.1

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  11.5

Housing Affordability: 54.7

Image Credit: istockphoto/Sean Pavone.

13.Denver, Colorado

Overall Score: 64.0

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  60.3

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  31.0

Housing Affordability: 35.8

Image Credit: DepositPhotos.com.

12. Phoenix, Arizona

Overall Score: 66.3

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  55.2

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  22.8

Housing Affordability: 48.7

Image Credit: DepositPhotos.com.

11. Boise, Idaho

Overall Score:  66.5

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  65.0

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  16.3

Housing Affordability: 54.4

Image Credit: Sean Pavone/istockphoto.

10. Seattle, Washington

Overall Score: 67.8

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  61.6

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  21.0

Housing Affordability: 28.5

Image Credit: Sean Pavone/ istockphoto.

9. Tampa, Florida

Overall Score: 72.0

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  64.3

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  14.4

Housing Affordability: 37.4

Image Credit: miroslav_1 / istockphoto.

8. Raleigh, North Carolina

Overall Score:  72.5

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  68.0

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  25.6

Housing Affordability: 56.6

Image Credit: istockphoto/Mark Howard.

7. Atlanta, Georgia

Overall Score: 72.5

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  57.8

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  17.5

Housing Affordability: 51.1

Image Credit: Pixabay.com.

6.Nashville, Tennessee

Overall Score: 78.1

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  69.6

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  19.0

Housing Affordability: 55.0

Image Credit: istockphoto.

5. Dallas, Texas

Overall Score: 79.5

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  65.7

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  31.2

Housing Affordability: 51.7

Image Credit: typhoonski.

4. Orlando, Florida

Overall Score:  84.5

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  80.1

Job Competition (Lower is Better): 21.4

Housing Affordability: 32.6

Image Credit: DepositPhotos.com.

3. Jacksonville, Florida

Overall Score: 86.7

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  77.4

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  13.9

Housing Affordability: 62.3

Image Credit: Excel23 / Wiki Commons.

2. Austin, Texas

Overall Score:  94.7

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  86.7

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  19.1

Housing Affordability: 45.7

Image Credit: RoschetzkyIstockPhoto / istockphoto.

1. North Port, Florida

Overall Score: 99.0

Overall Growth (Jobs & Wages):  99.0

Job Competition (Lower is Better):  11.2

Housing Affordability: 38.9

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