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In a world where sports like football and basketball seem to dominate every aspect of our day-to-day life, many baseball fans may feel left out in the dark. That’s not to say there’s no appreciation for the sport at all, but it definitely does seem to be put on the backburner in comparison to other, far more popular pastimes. 

However, if you or someone you know happens to be an active fan of Major League Baseball, get prepared to be shown some love with this helpful list packed full of great gift card ideas ideal for anyone who enjoys professional baseball. Fans of the MLB can find all of the products and services they want to enhance their baseball experience, from tickets to games in the league and quality sportswear to athletic gear and equipment that allows them to participate in games of their own. 

Everyone enjoys baseball a little differently, but all fans deserve to feel confident with their passions. Whether baseball is simply something you watch on a TV screen or physically engage in on the field, never be afraid to show off your devotion to the sport in any way that works for you. 

Some MLB gift card ideas featured in this article include:

  • Gift cards for memorabilia and collector’s items
  • Gift cards for athletic apparel and accessories 
  • Gift cards for live games and events  

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1. MLB Shop

Let them know where your allegiance lies 

Buy an MLB Shop gift card

Operating under the Fanatics brand, the MLB Shop is a prime destination for baseball fans who are proud to show off their support for all of their favorite Major League Baseball teams. Any sports fan who considers themselves to be a devotee is well aware of how important it is to represent their favorite teams, both at the stadium, on the street, or even when watching the games at home. Luckily, the MLB Shop has plenty of products to please casual and extreme fans alike. 

Fans of the MLB can shop for all sorts of merchandise for their favorite teams available at the MLB Shop at this moment. Browse official Major League Baseball gear including authentic jerseys, trading cards, baseball caps, collectible items, autographed bats, tumblers, home decor, accessories, and much more. However you choose to represent your favorite teams, the MLB Shop can help you blend passion with style. 

The MLB Shop has the sought after merch that baseball enthusiasts desire the most. Surprise a fan with an MLB Shop gift card and earn cash back on your purchase!

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2. Baseball Express

Top baseball gear that won’t let you down 

There are many baseball fans whose experience with the sport does not extend much further than watching their favorite League teams compete on the field, and that is totally fine. You deserve to enjoy baseball in any way that works for you. But let’s not forget to acknowledge MLB enthusiasts who love watching the sport as well as engaging in it for themselves. Even the most novice of baseball beginners need equipment that they can rely on in order to hone their skills, which is why Baseball Express is a retailer worth checking out. 

Baseball players of any skill level should not settle for inferior gear that will hinder their athletic development. When shopping at Baseball Express there is no doubt that you are getting access to some of the top baseball equipment on the market, so any dubious quality concerns are out of the question. Baseball Express has amazing deals and offers on a range of baseball necessities, from training baseball bats and gloves to game pants and chest protectors. They even have a modest footwear selection featuring running shoes, metal cleats, molded cleats, and sandals. 

Check out Baseball Express for yourself to see everything they have to offer baseball fanatics. Gift cards for this retailer are not currently available for purchase.

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3. StubHub

Never worry about securing tickets to must-see MLB events

Buy a StubHub gift card

Avid MLB fans are pretty on top of buying tickets when it comes to getting to see their favorite teams compete live on the field. After all, there’s nothing like being able to watch the game live in-person and experiencing the thrills that come from physically being right in the center of the action. However, if you ever miss out on an opportunity to score tickets to a game you’ve been dying to see, you’ll always have a second chance with StubHub. 

Though StubHub does not act as a primary ticket vendor for official MLB events, it has become a popular secondary marketplace that enables fans to take advantage of unwanted tickets others are looking to part with. There are many reasons an individual may want to give up their tickets to someone else, from abrupt plan changes to uncontrollable life events. Whatever the case may be, StubHub gives folks a platform to put their tickets up for sale so that other baseball enthusiasts have the chance to enjoy the game instead. 

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4. Champs Sports

Show off your love for the game with performance enhancing gear

Buy a Champs Sports gift card

A renowned American sports retail store, the Champs Sports chain has hundreds of locations spread across the country, giving everyday folks easy access to the apparel and gear they need to feel as confident in their performance as their MLB champions. With clothing and footwear from some of the most beloved athletic brands in stock, Champs Sports makes high-quality, affordable gear much more accessible to the general public. 

Champs Sports has all sorts of equipment designed to make baseball players excel while on the field. Find baseball caps for all of your favorite MLB teams, socks, sunglasses, batting gloves, mitts, footwear, and so much more can redefine your playing experience. Baseball gear from Champs Sports will make you appreciate the sport all the more while giving you the tools you need in order to succeed. 

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5. ThumbPRO

The best performances happen with the right equipment 

Professional athletes in the MLB need to take precautions when it comes to physical activity just like the rest of us. Whether you are a seasoned baseball player or someone who enjoys it purely for leisure, make sure you make proactive, smart decisions to protect your well-being. Even simple gear like thumb guards can do a lot for your physical health. 

ThumbPRO is one of the most renowned thumb guard brands currently on the market and for good reason, too. ThumbPRO thumb guards offer both protection and performance enhancement, enabling players to exceed expectations without any negative impacts on their body. These thumb guards are a great addition to any baseball player’s uniform, and they work for softball players as well. Get better bat speed, optimal execution, and efficiently absorb the shocks of the action all with one little piece of gear. 

You can learn all about ThumbPRO right here. Check it out and see if these thumb guard would be a good fit for any baseball players you know!

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6. Under Armour

An easy way to elevate the way you play 

Buy an Under Armour gift card

Under Armour is a sportswear company that manufactures and distributes quality footwear, apparel, and related sports gear for a range of different athletes. You can find products designed specifically for all kinds of physical activities and sports including hiking, hockey, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, softball, football, and of course baseball. Even professional MLB athletes can rely on gear from Under Armour to provide them much-needed support during their performances. 

The Under Armour catalog is quite diverse with its offerings, but let’s focus on what this retailer has for baseball players. Under Armour sells footwear specifically designed for the needs of baseball players with cleats and turf baseball shoes, and the choices are as functional as they are stylish. They also have short and long sleeve cage jackets, baseball pants, shorts, batting gloves, caps, backpacks, catching kits, and plenty of other baseball accessories. 

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