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Being a parent is no walk in the park, and when it comes to new mothers, figuring out how to navigate life after bringing a baby into the world can be a daunting task. There are so many more things you have to concern yourself with once a child enters the picture, which can certainly put new moms through a loop. Even the couples who have been trying and trying to have a baby and are beyond excited to become parents have their own anxieties and troubles to deal with once the baby enters the picture. 

If you know a new mom or any new parents in general, lending a helping hand is definitely something to consider. Not only will it be appreciated, but you will be making their lives a little easier by doing so. One great way to help out is through giving gift cards that will make a difference in mom and baby’s life. A gift card or two can really make a difference for a new mother who’s still learning the ropes of motherhood, as it can help her get essential supplies like clothes, diapers, toys, and food. 

We put together a list of some of the top gift cards for new moms that will help them in their journey of motherhood. These gift cards are great options to give to family and friends who are expecting or have just welcomed a little one into the world. 

The gift cards featured in this list include:

  • Gift cards for taking care of baby
  • Gift cards for mom’s comfort and wellness
  • Gift cards for the household 

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1. Visa

New moms need to be prepared for anything 

Buy a Visa gift card

No two mothers are exactly the same; they all have their own unique needs alongside the general baby-raising necessities like diapers, clothing, binkies, and so on. Give any new mom you know some much needed relief with a Visa gift card. Even if you are not sure what to buy to make life easier on a new mom, that’s alright – a Visa gift card gives mothers the power to purchase a variety of products that she needs to ensure both herself and her baby are able to thrive. 

Visa gift cards are not bound to specific merchants or retailers like many other common gift cards are. You can use a Visa gift card to complete transactions at any business that chooses to accept Visa gift cards as payment. This feature gives mothers the ability to seek out retailers that carry products catered to what she needs so that she can succeed in her role as a mother. A Visa gift card is an extremely helpful asset to have for mothers of all different lifestyles.

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2. Target

Plenty of products for both baby and mom

Buy a Target gift card

One of the best types of gift cards you can get for a new mom is one that helps her shop for the essentials she needs around the home. From keeping her fridge and pantry stocked to making sure she has all of the newborn and baby necessities she needs, Target is the one shopping destination that can provide her with it all. In terms of department stores, Target is one of the most well-known retailers around the country, and they operate locations in every single state. Target sells food, furnishings, toys, electronics, books, clothing, footwear, office supplies, cleaning products, and plenty of baby items to make the lives of mothers all over a little bit less exhausting. 

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3. Wanderling

Travel becomes a lot more difficult once a baby enters the picture; even walks in the park are much more stressful with an infant in your arms. Keep new moms and their babies comfortable in any weather with jackets adapted to cradle your young one from Wanderling. These unique jackets are designed to keep your baby warm and dry as you get out of the house and enjoy nature. 

Wanderling jackets are compatible with baby wraps and carriers, and they make it incredibly easy to clean up after your baby even while out and about with the removable Baby Panel, which can become a changing station in seconds. Even when mom needs some time to herself, Wanderling will keep her comfortable and warm during her solo adventures. This jacket is truly great for everyone!

Check out Wanderling here

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4. The Vitamin Shoppe

A natural way to stay healthy

Buy a gift card for the Vitamin Shoppe

It’s only natural for any new mom’s biggest priority to be the well-being of their baby. When you bring something so delicate and small into the world, it makes sense that you’d want to do everything in your power to ensure its safety and comfort. However, don’t let that maternal devotion take away from keeping an eye on your own wellness because moms matter too. A gift card for The Vitamin Shoppe can help any new mom struggling to care for both their baby and themselves by providing access to quality nutritional supplements and vitamins. The Vitamin Shoppe takes your health and wellness seriously and commits all of their brands to rigorous testing and quality assurance to ensure efficacy. All manner of products carried by The Vitamin Shoppe, from nutritional supplements to protein powders, meet or exceed the quality standards of the industry. 

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5. Motherhood

Being a mom is easier when you have support

As the name implies, Motherhood is a brand that works to make life easier and more comfortable for moms during any stage of pregnancy and beyond. Motherhood provides new moms with affordable clothing for maternity and postpartum, giving support to every aspect of a mom’s life, from home and leisure activities to work and travel. Motherhood sells bras, intimate wear, nursing gear, shapewear, robes, dresses, leggings, tops, and more. They also offer expert guides on various topics related to motherhood in order to give new moms insight into being a mother. 

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6. Kroger

A full kitchen equals a happy, stress-free mother

Buy a Kroger gift card

Groceries are an essential part of every household, and if new moms hope to stay on top of their game then they’re going to need to keep their kitchen stocked with vital nutrients to stay healthy and energized. Kroger offers low prices on a range of everyday groceries and other living necessities, helping mom get everything she needs to take care of her home and her baby. 

Kroger supermarkets stock fresh produce and tasty food to keep families everywhere fed and content. Mom can stock up on delicious fruits, vegetables, meat, canned goods, deli products, dairy, and much more at any Kroger location. As for baby, Kroger has plenty of nutritious baby food and other essential products for a healthy development. 

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7. babyGap

Your baby deserves nothing less than the best

Buy a babyGap gift card

Babies may be small, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be dressed in attire that keeps them comfortable and protected from the elements. Good quality clothing is an essential part of caring for a child of any age, and since babies are particularly vulnerable it’s all the more important to ensure you have apparel that is going to make a difference. New moms can shop for all of their baby clothing needs with outfit essentials from babyGap. 

Both little girls and boys can be swaddled in style with tons of cute clothing options including onesies, dresses, rompers, adorable sets, tops, denim, outerwear, and much more. You can also find an array of goods for your little ones available at babyGap such as dressers, cribs, toy boxes, chairs, nightlights, bedding, and other home essentials. 

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8. Little Spoon

The best food to keep your baby healthy during every stage

Keeping your baby well-fed and nourished is one of the highest priorities of a new mother. There are plenty of options out there when it comes to shopping for baby food. You’ll see shelves packed with jars of baby food at your local supermarket, from purees of delicious fruits and veggies to formula for those still too young for more advanced food. But can you ever be certain what is inside of these foods when you haven’t done your proper research? 

You can set a new mom’s mind at ease with Little Spoon. Specializing in healthy and organic food products for young ones, Little Spoon is one of the greatest resources for moms looking to ensure their babies get the nutrients their bodies require with none of the unnecessary filler. Little Spoon sells blends and purees for babies that prepare them to transition to solid food, early finger foods, toddler and kid friendly meals, lunches, snacks, and tasty smoothies. All of the options from Little Spoon are free from unhealthy ingredients, delicious to taste, and make meal prepping easier than ever for mom. 

You can learn more about Little Spoon here

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