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First dates are exciting. And scary. In this article, we will break down the best gift ideas for a first date. It’s important to get gifts for your partner, and as you get to know them better (as long as this date goes well!), you’ll learn much more about them. What they like, what they don’t like…etc. In this article, we will assume that you are going in completely blind because you don’t know their likes and dislikes. That brings us to two main kinds of gifts. One is gifts that just about everyone likes. Flowers, chocolate, coffee, and items along those lines. The other is items that, if they don’t like — imagine learning they are allergic to chocolate — are low stakes. 

While it might seem mortifying to bring a chocolate bar to your first date and learn your date is allergic, it is still a sweet gesture that we are almost certain they will appreciate. So, in this article, we will break down gift ideas for first dates that are sure bets to win the hearts of your prospective partner. While reading this list, think about what gifts best represent you! You want to show your date that you are excited to get to know them better, and you should definitely be ready to defend your choice of gift. Especially if it doesn’t land, they will almost certainly have a laugh about how you thought the gift-giving was going to go. 

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1. Flowers

You can’t go wrong with this classic choice. Choose a simple bouquet of seasonal flowers for a fresh and vibrant touch

Flowers are a universally appreciated gift that adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. A simple bouquet of seasonal flowers is both beautiful and thoughtful, offering a refreshing and colorful surprise that can brighten your date’s day. This is an amazing way to start your relationship. 

Regardless of the gift itself, coming to your first date with something lets your date know that they are special and that you are excited to spend time with them. This gift is best when you pick them up, or they can deposit them somewhere safe soon after receiving the flowers. It’s cute in movies, but you do not want to walk around with a bouquet for hours when you go to dinner and a movie! 

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2. Chocolates or Sweet Treats

Little gourmet desserts are a surefire way to set the stage for a great first date!

A small box of high-quality chocolates or other sweet treats like cookies provides a delicious indulgence for your date. As we said in the intro, we don’t think your date will be upset if you unknowingly get something they are allergic to. It’s a silly bonding moment, and you will know in the future to get them something else! 

This is a great gift because it is easy to carry. You can go on just about any date you want while keeping this gift in your pocket or bag until the right moment. You can reveal your gift at the beginning, at the end, or sometime in the middle if you can tuck into the treats you purchased. Chocolate is classic, and you don’t need to know anything about your date to know if this is a good gift or not. In this article, we are focused on the gifts you can give without knowing their interests, tastes, and all that! Chocolate and sweet treats are a great gift idea for your first date. 

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3. Coffee Beans or Tea

A bag of premium coffee beans or a selection of fine teas is a great way to start your relationship

Premium coffee beans or fine teas are awesome gift ideas for first dates. While not everyone enjoys these hot beverages, it’s a pretty safe bet! And, in the worst-case scenario, they won’t drink them, leaving room for you to enjoy your own gift sometime down the line. 

These fit in with our general rule of low-stakes gift ideas for first dates. These are the kinds of gifts where, even if your recipient never used them, it’s not a big deal. And with these, we want to reduce the chance of that happening with gifts that a lot of people like! In this article, we are assuming that you know nothing about this person, but seeing whether or not they like coffee and tea is an easy ask! 

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4. Books

Bring one of your favorite books to the date

Text a Barnes & Noble gift card 

There are an endless amount of stories to be experienced in books, and picking one out for your date sets a wonderful precedent. It should be one that you’ve already read and liked, so you can discuss it in the future! We do recommend, for the first date, buying a book that’s on the shorter side, just so it doesn’t demand too much of their time. Handing over a copy of The Lord of the Rings on your first date could go very badly, but a copy of The Alchemist is a great read even for non-readers. 

If a book isn’t quite your speed, you can gift a journal or notebook, too. These are versatile alternatives for those who prefer to write or draw.

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5. Scented Candle

A soothing scented candle can create a calming atmosphere and is a gift that can be enjoyed long after the date.

Send a Bath and Body Works gift card 

A soothing scented candle can create a calming atmosphere and give your date a lasting, comforting experience. Choose a mild fragrance that appeals to most preferences, as you want to maximize the chance they like it. Candle preferences vary wildly among people, but we believe they will be excited to receive one on your first date! They might be nervous, and a little sweet gift like this is a great way to lessen their nerves. It shows that you are excited to go out with them.

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6. Succulent or Small Plant

A small, easy-to-care-for plant is a charming gift that adds a touch of greenery to any space.

A small plant, such as a succulent, is an easy-to-care-for gift that is a fantastic gift idea for first dates. It’s a charming, low-stakes gesture and can be a conversation starter. That’s another secret benefit of giving a gift on your first date. It will provide an organic conversation at some point in the night. With a succulent, for instance, you can compare stories about what’s happened to plants you’ve owned in the past and talk about how easy it is to own succulents! 

With a gift like this, your date is all but destined to go well! Jokes aside, succulents are a perfect, small gift for a first date. A little succulent fits into just about every house. It could be on a bedside table, TV stand, window ledge, or anywhere. Most people have plants. In all likelihood, they can add it to their plant shelf. 

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7. Keychain

A personalized keychain can add a small, thoughtful touch to your date’s everyday life. You’ll need to take some liberties to bring it on your first date, so this is a gift idea for a risk-taker. You have two ways to go with this. You can aim to get something your date will like, which can be really fun whether you guess right or not! As long as you are okay with the possibility that it’s a miss, it’s all good! Keychains are only a few bucks, and if you get a laugh out of your date, it is well worth it. 

You can also get a keychain that reflects your interests as a little keepsake for them! 

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8. Artisanal Snacks

Offering a selection of gourmet snacks like cheese, crackers, or dried fruit is a delightful way to introduce your date to new flavors and treats. It can also be a great conversation starter during your time together. Just about everyone likes snacks! This gift is a bit less flexible than other ones on this list, where arriving at your date’s house with a big board of snacks can go great, or it can be a damper on your evening. 

We recommend a little pre-planning with your date to make the most of this. Just make sure you’ll spend some time in your place or theirs, relaxing and enjoying a plate of delicious snacks together. Yes, asking in advance takes away the surprise, but it evades an unfortunate scenario where you have a platter of delicious snacks and nowhere to put them or enjoy them. 

All the other items on our list are very low-stakes if you buy a scented candle or a book that your date really doesn’t like, no harm, no foul. At the end of the day, it is a small purchase, and it is the thought that counts. Outside of the gourmet snacks and, perhaps, the flowers, all of these items are easy to carry. A succulent dinner companion, though out of the ordinary, should not disturb your date! 

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These are our favorite gift ideas for first dates!

First dates can mix nerves and excitement, but there’s no need to worry! Bringing a thoughtful gift can set a positive tone and make a great first impression. Whether you choose flowers, chocolates, or one of the other ideas we’ve shared, your gesture will show that you care and that you put thought into making a date special.

Remember, the goal is to enjoy yourself and get to know the other person better. Starting the date with a gift paves the way for a friendly, warm interaction. So, take a deep breath, pick a present, and go make your first date one to remember!

We compiled this list with items that are exciting for just about everyone. If you know the person you are asking out on a date, make sure to consider their tastes before picking out the item you would like the most. Figuring out the best gift for them is another step in the process, but it is very worthwhile! 

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