8 Underrated Summer Olympic Events You Shouldn’t Miss


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The Summer Olympics are just about here, and if you’re anything like me, you’re salivating. I get absolutely nuts for every single event, regardless of what game it is or who is competing in it.

But you already know about gymnastics. You already know about swimming. The big ticket games are no mystery to you. As a seasoned Olympic lunatic, trust me when I say you’ll want to take a look at these eight underrated summer Olympic games.

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1. Archery

First featured: Paris 1900

There are few things as incredibly awesome as watching somebody with pinpoint accuracy shoot arrows at a target. Is this the year somebody pulls a Robin Hood and shoots right through the center of somebody else’s arrow? Unlikely, but you’d feel stupid if it happens and you miss it.

Image Credit: Luis Gutiérrez/Norte/Photo/Getty Images.

2. Breaking

First featured: Paris 2024

It’s the first year for break dancing at the Olympics, and that’s probably the greatest update these games have had in decades. The most impressive style of dance? At the highest possible competitive level? Sign. Me. Up. This. Minute.

Image Credit: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images.

3. Cycling: Mountain Bike

Debuted: Atlanta 1996

This may seem like just another bike-riding event, but it’s about a thousand times harder than that. Take a look at this year’s course preview. I’d pass out of exhaustion maybe 15 seconds in. These people are in some kinda shape.

Image Credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images.

4. Fencing

Debuted: Athens 1896

Fencing has been around since the first Olympic games, but for some reason, I never hear anybody talking about it. The way they lunge? The way their helmets light up? So intense. So exciting. 

Image Credit: OAN VALAT/POOL/AFP via Getty Images.

5. Judo & Taekwondo

Debuted: Tokyo 1964 & Seoul 1988

There is very little difference between Olympic martial arts and a Kung Fu movie. Peak physical condition across the board. Taekwondo is especially insane; it’s light sword fighting with your legs. Remember last time when Anastasija Zolotic became the first American women’s gold medalist? If rewatching that match doesn’t get you hyped, then I don’t know how to help you.

Image Credit: Yannick Verhoeven/BSR Agency/Getty Images.

6. Handball

Debuted: Berlin 1936

Handball is kind of like soccer. It’s also kind of like Quidditch. Except without the brooms. And it’s full-contact, too, like football. Without question, this is one of my favorite events to watch during the Olympics because of how exciting and, frankly, brutal it can be. Bodies are hitting the floor in any good Handball match.

Image Credit: FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images.

7. Sailing

Debuted: Paris 1900

You kidding me with this photo? This is like a scene from a James Bond movie. That maneuver seems fit only for secret agents and superheroes. Imagine doing that. Let alone versus the best sailors on the planet. I’m in awe of Olympians.

Image Credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images.

8. Table Tennis

Debuted: Seoul 1988

You think you’re good at ping pong? Not as good as these people, that’s for damn sure. Look at how far off the table all of them play. Look at the trick shots. Look at the dives. What an absolute THRILL.

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